Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Balance of Nature

All things in nature are inextricably linked,
interrelated, balanced and whole.
We are a part of this nature.


 As we move with the emerging changes that are taking place, we can adapt. We can relearn old skills, develop and learn new skills and become self-reliant.


We can combine our knowledge, both old and new, support each other, find new and positive ways of living, and once again live in harmony with nature.

Ideas and Sources for Self-Reliance and Sustainable Living

PERMACULTURE [] offers a framework for creating sustainable ways of living.
Practical, tried and tested methods for creating productive and ecologically harmonious systems. Systems that can be used in both rural and urban situations. The seed for these systems is within us all, it is our link to and with nature, it is a part of us. We can take an active role in the course of this planet’s evolution. The seed for the new life of the earth is within each of us.
BIODYNAMIC GARDENING AND AGRICULTURE [] works with the cosmic forces as well as with nature.
At present conventional agricultural methods seriously threaten and damage the environment. Biodynamic farms and gardens are designed to have a sound ecological balance, they are integrated and work with the spiritual dimension of the earth’s environment. We are linked to and with this spiritual dimension; it is a part of us.
EARTH WISDOM [for info see] was almost a lost and forgotten birthright, but it can and is being re-discovered. It can help us to re-connect to the positive world of spiritual activism. It can guide us to explore and re-connect with the sacred landscapes. It can help us to become aware of natural cycles and help us to find our link with these cycles. It can re-awaken our connection with the trees and plants and it can help us to realise the power and the healing of nature. It is a guide to help us renew our spiritual connection to the earth.
We can re-establish our rightful place between the heaven and the earth. We can reconnect to and with the spirit of the planet and the spirit within ourselves. The emerging changes are allowing this positive transformation to take place and we can all become a part of this journey of healing.

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