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In our first of a series, Anne Fallas shares her inspirational insights and wisdom in her feature 'Finding Self Reliance;'

" Change is rapidly moving around us and within us, bringing with it the opportunity for renewal and regeneration on all levels. As our system breaks down, we are being given the chance to find our true roots and discover who we really are."

Read the full feature on page 37 in issue 5 of Radiant Magazine.

I was asked to review Anne's incredible book 'The Earth Changes', it was an absolute pleasure and a journey. It resonated with me on so many levels. Read my review on page 61 in issue 5.
If you read 1 book this year make it this one! I can't recommend this highly enough, it is truly stunning!

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About Anne Fallas

“I write, I paint and I like to sing, but these things are a part of us all. We are all inextricably linked to and by the same source.

We are nature, we are human, we are spirit
and we all share the vision.”


My early memories nearly always contain some element of nature. Sounds, smells, the rain, the wind, the animals, trees and flowers, such magical things.
Although my school years took me away from this magical world, my dreams, dreams linked to the world of my early years, survived.
As the creative side of me surfaced, I began to write. I also discovered my love of art and for many years I worked in the world of fine art.
However, the practical and self-reliant side of me developed, it grew but did not stray far from nature. I kept chickens, I grew veg, I milked goats, baked bread, spun wool and planted a medicinal herb garden. My ‘homestead’ also became home for children with behaviour problems.
In quiet moments, I studied theology, esoterics and earth wisdom. I studied and practised Reiki. These quiet moments also allowed me to find stillness and it was here that I rediscovered the dreams of my early years, the dreams had survived intact.
All of these things bring me to the present time, the point where I am now. It is a very magical point in time, magical for us all. It is a time when dreams are becoming a reality and those dreams are dreams we all share.
More and more people are going back to the land; they are planting their veg, keeping their chickens. They are being self-reliant. They are turning to the earth for solutions and they are returning to the earth’s wisdom for the answers.
As nature provides, so too do we. We are relearning how to work with nature and how to help restore the balance. As we rediscover our link to nature, we are also rediscovering our link to the heavens and in doing so, we are accessing who we really are and moving into our rightful place.

This is the here and now.

This is the right place and the right time
for our shared dream to become a reality.

In Conversation...

Interviewed by Christine Miller, Founder Editor of Resource, an online magazine which  covers growth and development, Anne joins many other international best selling authors including Paulo Coelho, Edward de Bono, Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra, and global leaders such as HH the Dalai Lama who have enjoyed conversations with Christine.

The conversation unfolded like this:

C.M : Anne, tell me about what prompted you to write ‘The Earth Changes’.
I set out to write a romantic novel called ‘Midsummer’, but my characters had other ideas! They took me on a journey and the story ‘The Earth Changes’ formed itself along the way.
C.M : What is the inspiration and drive that kept you writing and helped you to complete this book?
Curiosity! I wanted to know what happened.
C.M : How closely do your characters and the story correspond to your life experiences?
Some of my life experiences are in the story and some of my characteristics are a part of my characters, but the majority of the story has come from the imagination.
C.M : How do want your readers to feel, what do you want them to experience as they read your book?
I would like my readers to feel inspired, aware of their own potential for self-reliance and aware of the positive aspects of change.
C.M : Do you have a favourite spot which fires your imagination and gets your creative powers flowing?
Yes, my favourite spot is my old chair. During the quiet winter months, I sit here and write by the fireside in comfort.
C.M : Why should people read your book – what will they benefit from by doing so?
I would hope that people reading my book would be able to recognise their own inner strengths and in doing so, would then be able to let go of fear.
C.M : I know you’re already working on a sequel – when will it be available?
The end of this year (2012) or the beginning of 2013.
C.M : Do you think the events you depict in the book will really happen? There are a lot of predictions and concerns about 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar meaning the end of the world as we know it.
Prof Brian Cox, the prominent physicist, on mainstream UK TV recently described these concerns and stories as (I quote) ‘the worst kind of pseudo-scientific shite’ – what do you think?
We are all aware of changes taking place. Changes within nature, changes within society, changes within ourselves and spiritual changes. All of these changes are elements of transformation, the breaking down of the old to make way for the new.
I have an open mind with regard to what will happen.
The events in my book offer a few of the many possible scenarios, they also offer a metaphor for the spiritual transformation that is currently occurring. It is about positive change.
There are a lot of concerns about the end of the Mayan calendar, but I see it as the end of a cycle, with a new cycle emerging and taking its place. As fear begins to lift, it will allow a greater awareness to take its place.
Prof Cox is a scientist and to my mind science has led us up a number of dark alleys, perhaps the new phase will allow us all to clearly see the right way.
C.M : Thank you Anne, it’s been a real pleasure to talk with you.

Poignant, erudite and beautiful thoughts by author of The Earth Change, Anne Fallas
- big thanks to Christine Miller for the voiceover

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