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I am someone who is very close to the Divine Feminine and the Goddess aspect within us all, I have found that it is my faith and beliefs that have kept me strong, despite days filled with tears and despair as my loved one's health continues to decline and pose us problems in so many areas, yet I am never down for long because of my connection and belief in the power of the Divine Feminine.   One of my favourite books is ' The Language of the Goddess’ the by archaeologist Marija Gimbutas whose work focuses on the Goddess and Divine feminine through the ages.  Whilst doing some research recently I came across this wonderful page and thought I would share it with you all - Enjoy !
With Love and Blessings Always,  Avalon Whitefeather  )O( xxx


Avalon's latest blog...

Greetings Everyone,  
Well here we are at December again and another calendar year nearly at an end.  In the northern hemisphere December is a month of rapidly decreasing daylight hours and a time where the natural world moves into Winter rest mode, slowing down, seeking to rest, rejuvenate and nourish next years seeds. This year we have had quite a gentle descent into Winter really as the weather has been comparatively mild so even now there are still a few roses , chrysanths and others blooming in the garden for us to enjoy, with just the odd day that the Crone has tightened Her grip, although this morning i did get caught in a hailstone shower, followed by a beautiful rainbow and the temperature dropped by 4 degrees and didn't recover despite clear skies and sunshine.  Despite this however, it is all too obvious that the shortest day of the year is only just around the corner, just 13 days to go.  The time between the Solstice and New Year is always a particularly magickal time as the Sun hovers low on the horizon at its furthest reach before slowly turning back in the opposite direction, so do remember to take time out to enjoy it wherever you are in the world.   I always find this time of year difficult, the contrasting mix of adverts showing large families full of love and joy sharing a meal round a huge table java-scripting with food followed swiftly by charities showing starving, blind or disabled children and asking for our money. We are always alone at Christmas, not usually by choice, and we give what we can to charities, but media and commercialism just doesn't stop to think how painful, difficult or lonely this time of year can be for so many, often on our own doorsteps and not just in far flung countries. I've pondered often just how to find the balance, how humanity can redress it.  It is easy to say what is needed, but if those that have their large, happy family gatherings never pause to see whether they could invite another guest to give them a happy festive season or buy one less present and give to charity, then things will never change, sadly. Where is the tipping point ? When will the "season of goodwill to all"  really be a season of good will for all ?  
So, today's New Moon, 7.20am this morning, fell in Sagittarius, and ironically wants us to keep spirits bright and reminds us to focus on the joy and happiness in our lives. We can also finally breathe a sigh of relief that Mercury has also gone direct today !  With Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius actually being in the constellation of Sagittarius as well, everyone gets a confidence boost moving forward.  This Moon has the power to overcome inhibition, oppression and doubt, unhealthy situations or relationships, and power dynamics can all come under the scrutiny at this time.  This Moon encourages us to become more aware of the world as one being -  and how important our individual role is within it. This is a precious opportunity to establish the awareness that we can no longer exist on this Earth as if nothing we do matters. Our every thought, word and action potentially has an effect on Her and on everyone else.  As above, so below. As within, so without. Here, we have a rare opportunity to see from an expanded viewpoint. It will be difficult to hide within our own physical space, inside our own scrap of flesh now, ignoring our part in everything that is happening on Earth and pretending that what we do affects nothing else.  Sagittarius is a Masculine Fire sign, Mutable in quality and ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter manifests Fairness, Abundance, Joy and Expansion of all kinds.  Together this energy becomes a philosopher, a traveller, a scholar, an exuberant adventurer journeying through time, enthusiastically seeking new knowledge. This is optimistic and adaptable energy of 'going with the flow' . However, it can often also leave trails of over indulgence, excess and wildness om ots wake, being prone to exaggeration and of lack of control. However, underneath all this, the energy is sound, purposeful, fair, just and benevolent. Fits the festive season on so many levels !    Personally and globally, this New Moon presents us with a wonderful opportunity to expand our awareness and horizons, firm up our beliefs, to break out of structures, strictures and social 'norms'  that we have accepted for far too long and to allow ourselves to be freer in the way we think and the way we function.  Amidst the confusion of so many conflicting energies surrounding us at this time, not least Brexit and the governmental farce of it all, the highest rates of homelessness and people below the poverty line, the need to reduces waste, especially plastics, to make sure what wwe eat has not cost the Earth or any of Her inhabitants, i could go on.............. it would be all too easy to ‘lose the plot’. So many, myself included feel particularly overwhelmed at this time of year, and this year in particular.  But how can we keep our cool, accept the culmination of crises, perhaps even indulge a little and still  ‘be the change that we want to see’ ?  The maelstrom seems to whirl like a snow storm around the whole world and the Earth reflects the energy in Fires, Storms, Earthquakes and Floods. We need to expand our own consciousness and still focus with clarity on the finer details of our lives as the New Moon begins to expand.   Heres a few tips to a 'greener ' festive season ;-                                                         Buy less - it is not about the amount you spend, but the gift that is thoughtful and meaningful to the recipient and the environment. Buy local, hand made, crafted etc.,.  Look for recycled cards, ones made from hemp or other sustainable materials.  When buying toys, try to by ones that do not need batteries. Check packaging levels, the least amount of packaging the better. Use brown paper and decorate yourself, use natural sprigs of greenery for decoration, or a wooden tree decoration that the recipient can reuse each year. Try buying gift vouchers for workshops, healing, readings or a day out somewhere, great fun for the recipient and virtually no waste or boxes required. If money is tight, make a gift card offering a hour or two, or a day of your time to help the recipient with gardening, house cleaning, dog walking or something that would be useful and helpful to them. I can think of hundreds more but I'm sure with a little thought you can think of many too. 






Avalon's latest blog...

Greetings Everyone, well, what a summer we had here in the UK, hot,hot and hotter.  I have to admit as i embrace the Crone within me, celebrating my 60th a few weeks ago,  i no longer like the heat so much now and we seem to have achieved very little this summer as day after day was spent indoors trying to keep cool. Now suddenly, Autumn is upon us. As i write this we are just hours away from the Equinox, a time of balance throughout the world, it is the cross-quarter festival of the Harvest when we start to reap what we have sown. For three days the sun remains balanced between light and dark before the days become shorter and the nights longer. the yin and yang effect as the Northern hemisphere embraces Autumn, the coming Winter, the time of the Crone, death and rest before the regeneration which the Southern hemisphere is about to experience as they welcome Spring. With  the end of summer, and the long hot days are behind us, the nights growing longer, make sure you get out and enjoy the last of the Suns rays and fill up on Natures beauty and bounty and vitamin D too.  The hedgerows have been rich with berries, rosehips so full of vitamin C, elderberries with their immune boosting abilities, hawthorns to soothe the heart, and rowan berries steeped in ancient wisdom and a tree deeply connected with this time of year and the Crone of Winter. Take time out in nature to experience the change in season, the altering energy, rich smells and vibrant colours as we move deeper into Autumn. 
Autumn is the time for us to start harvesting the fruits of our projects and creativity we have worked on earlier in the year.  Things may have slowed down during August, while Mercury and other planets were in retrograde, but September brings a flurry of activity as we rush to preserve the fruits and berries of Nature,. If you are ready for change, this time is also regarded as the start of a new year for many cultures, and it is as if festival seasons takes off with events such as Navratri (Durga Puja and nine nights of the Hindu Mothers), the beginning of the Eleusinian Mysteries (Demeter and Persephone), festivals to honour Lukumi and Yemaya, Afro-Caribbean deities, Morgana Le Fay and Meditrina the Roman Goddess of Wine and Health. . Our ancient Celtic forefathers saw only two seasins, the light half of the year and the dark half, as we enter the dark half now, the Celtic peoples would be harvesting, slaughtering and preserving meats, drying fruits etc., to see them through the winter and for their celebrations of Madron (more commonly known as Mabon/Autumn Equinox) and Samhain, which marked the end of the year and the start of a new year.   This then is a perfect time to clear out old energy, physically and energetically, much like we do with our garden this time of year, we cut back, prune and clear debris as the Earth Mother begins Her sleep. Clear your vupboards and wardrobes, the yard, the kitchen, relationships, emotional baggage, beliefs, get on top of your 'to do' list. Let go of the old, including clinging to old difficulties, beliefs or troubles. Don’t hold onto something that isn’t working out just because it took a long time to get there. Asa hard as it may seem, we always feel better once we release. No memory of the past or old belief is worth sacrificing the future for, take leaf from Mother Natures cue - release and begin to step back.  The balance between light and dark reminds us to accept the duality of who we are; our strengths and weaknesses, our light and our shadow, our loves and fears. Once we can accept the duality within us, we can more easily accept the duality in the external world. This then is a time of thanksgiving for the abundance that Nature provides, which helps us through the long, cold winter months and the time to celebrate the fruits of our labour. Even though we no longer have the same connection with the land and few people take the time to harvest from Nature,  the Autumn Equinox message still applies.
Autumn grows darker, the leaves finally all fall and are blown away by the rising winds, rains and the wheel turns towards Samhain. This really is the time of the Crone, the land now looks very barren, cold and at times raw and uncompromising.  Whilst the true meaning of Samhain is now overshadowed by the fun and games of Halloween, the Earth energies are a reminder than, like the Earth, we should be resting, repairing, renewing and making preparations for the year ahead. Sadly after one night of slight recognition of Samhain, we are plunged full throttle into the coming Yule season and all the hype that the media can throw at us to entice us to indulge. Yet when we follow the natural rhythms of the Earth, the Sun and Moon, we are rewarded by the ability to shed, to renew, to grow, to prepare and make plans honouring the natural changes that take place within us - the aging process. Ageing is a lifelong process that begins at birth. With each passing minute from the moment we’re born, we are ageing. Yet, ageing is not the same as getting old, which according to modern society, equates to irrelevant. While certain physical attributes alter with years, many mental, emotional & impulse intangibles arguably only get better and freer. The fact is that until death the human body & mind is a living system with a remarkable capacity for regeneration and growth, along with enhanced creativity and, frankly, courageousness. Ageing isn’t for the weak-hearted. It’s a challenge like everything else in life, and the Wheel of the Year, as it turns continually, reminds us to accept the passing of time and to honour the phases ofl ife we find ourselves in.  Samhain and the time of the Crone, a Crone represents the third stage of a woman’s life, her autumn and winter years.  She is post menopausal, and no longer able to bare children. Before the world became youth focused, the wisdom of the elderly was respected. The Crone was the wise woman of the village, the healer, the mediator and a respected source of knowledge. The origins of the word “Crone” is rooted from the meaning, “crowned one”. Crone, hag, and witch were once positive words for the older women. Crone comes from crown, indicating wisdom emanating from the head; hag comes from hagio meaning holy and witch comes from wit meaning wise, as in having sovereignty over one self. A Crone has mastered the complexities of her life and is in complete control of her own destiny. Of course this is far from the image that Hollywood and the media would have us believe especially at Samhain/Halloween,  and women today are  being called to reclaim this erea of their lifes, to embrace the Crone within, the Autumn and Winter years, because like the abundant hedgerows, a Crone is rich and abundant in wisdom and experience. So what does it mean to take up the mantle of the Crone ? All that knowledge and unique perspective we carry is useless if it remains locked in our head. Wisdom is meant to be shared yet in today's world it takes a woman with an understanding of three of the most basic of human needs to evolve into a modern day Crone and those very things are missing from society right now - Community, Respect, Connection. There is a spiritual component to being an active Crone. First, it is to understand the integral network of life. That every one of us is connected to the same source energy. What effects one, effects, at least on some level, all of us. So what we offer up in service has a ripple effect in our world. Knowledge is just information. But a modern Crone knows that what she does with her knowledge and how she passes it on requires an understanding of the community and connection in order for her wisdom to make an impact. Is it a legacy every woman who reaches the post menopause stage actually wants to take up ? The dark nights of Samhain leading to Yule are perfect for diving into the cauldron our ourselves and pondering such deep and meaningful questions.
And so Yule is suddenly upon us, the returning light, the sparks of idea's and plans for the future. Shops and gardens glitter and twinkle and excite the inner child and oh how easily we can fall into the media trap of just what we 'need' at this time of year, when really all we need is to share with loved ones magickal moments, making treasured memories. sharing idea's and expectations for the coming year. The whole of the dark half of the year is about thanksgiving, showing gratitude, honoring what we do have, and remembering that it is the simple things in life that make lasting memories. It is a time to renew our inner fire, regenerate what we have left to lay fallow, discard what has not worked for us, and appreciate our own inner skills, riches and abundance. The emergence of the 'Divine' feminine in recent years, taking back sovereignty for ourselves,  has paved the way and there has never been a better time to embrace our inner Goddess, whether that is the Maiden, the Mother or the blessed Crone, and these coming dark months are the perfect time to step into the cauldron and find out just who we are and how we can re-emerge stronger and wiser.


Avalon's latest blog...

Greetings from Cailleach Moon and Blessed New Gemini New Moon to you all.     

13th June 20:43 (BST)
So what does this Moon cycle have in store for us ? Well there is certainly a lot of fire energy around at present, so things are still very chaotic yet a golden opportunity for transformation. Gemini is of the Air, masculine and Mutable in quality. He adjusts his behaviour according to the situations within which he finds himself. He seems always light and effervescent but there is plenty of depth within too. This New Moon is a Super Moon (the Moon is closer to the Earth whilst Mars is closest to the Sun right now - fire on fire ). This energy encapsulates the spirit of Gemini and beams this month’s energy extra-strongly towards us. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is concerned with thought processes, communication of all kinds and travel. The joker, mercurial in movements this energy aligns with that of children, of innocence and of eager, good natured learning. However, communications and speed of movement can sometimes be tricky and deceptive. There is an element of Coyote medicine here, the trickster and disguises himself according to the circumstances in which he finds himself. He can appear as dual energies working alongside each other – like the twin symbol that represents Gemini, remember, the Moon itself is all about emotions, whilst Gemini want sus to be logical and driven.  Neptune, the watery ruling Planet of Pisces is squaring Gemini, so our communications may also come out wrong, especially if we are highly charged with emotions.  Mars, conjunct the South Node and in opposition to Venus at the time of the New Moon, encouraging some of us to hang on fiercely to old perceptions and judgements and to blindly refuse to separate what was good about old rules from what is out dated and no longer useful. Mars is also firmly square to Uranus which could make all of us volatile in our communications. There could be temper outbursts and acts of anger. Dangerous – but not unavoidable if we are aware of the energies. A significant T Square adds to this energy overload, Mercury opposite Saturn and both square Chiron - the wounded healer, all in Cardinal signs encourage us to start new initiatives - to move, shift, transform.  Some might make spontaneous judgements and fling insults at each other. However, we are also encouraged to talk, think, sense the circumstances of others and there’s an urgent need to do this - the things flying around on ssocial media relating to recent celebrity suicides, to basically defaming anyone with whom we disagree, it has been quite evil and totally unnecessary.  Are you searching for something new ?  still hunting for your heart’s desire ?  Looking for direction ?   This new Moon certainly stirs up the nature spirits, wandering hearts of the wild, and all those who seek true and lasting fulfillment in their lives. We want things fixed once and for all. .With Eclipse season around the corner, following this new Moon, the full Moon in Capricorn falls a day after Mars stations retrograde. Not only is this a formidable full Moon conjunct Saturn, full of lessons regarding our responsibilities, boundaries, and restrictions, but Mars’s station retrograde is one of the most important transits of 2018 and opening the eclipse season for us.  Goodness, fire and volatile energy everywhere. Fire can burn and destroy, but fire can also warm and nourish - its all about how we use it.  Utilise this final burst of summer energy before we reach the Summer Solstice on 21st June to get stuff done. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath. Things are going to finally slow down after the Solstice and reach a more sustainable pace, be patient and wait for the right time to share whats in your heart. You will be glad you did.

Summer Solstice or Litha, is almost here, when the Sun reaches it's peak in the sky on 21st June 

11.07am BST     

we have the longest day and shortest night. It is a joyous celebration  of energies and an opportunity to stay up all night in order to greet the rising sun. It represents the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, for in the Celtic calendar there was only two halves to the year, Summer and Winter, so it reminds us to reflect on what we have learnt during the past six months, and acknowledge how we have blossomed and grown, just like the Nature is doing around us.  But of course that does mean we are heading into the colder, dark Winter half of the year, although at the moment that seems a long way off. Fires are of course a big theme of this festival, and many villages especially in the west country of UK still have village fires around this time, so if you can have a bonfire, fire pit or cauldron burning it will all add to the ambience of this special day. Save the ashes and mis xome with air drying clay to form amulets and talismans to carry your intentions, scatter them around the garden to bring fertility and abundance.  Astrologically, the Sun is entering Cancer, which is a water sign. Midsummer is not only a time of fire magick, but of water as well. Now is a good time to work magick involving sacred streams, rivers and holy wells.  Residents of some areas of Ireland say that if you have something you wish to happen, you "give it to the pebble."  Carry a stone in your hand as you circle the Litha bonfire, and whisper your request to the stone. Say things like "heal my mother" or "help me be more courageous," for example. After your third turn around the fire, toss the stone into the flames. 
This is also an important festival for the Faery Folk, when the veil between their world and ours is at its thinnest between Solstice and the old Midsummers Day on 24th June.  If you want to see them, faery lore says that you need to rub fern seeds or summer dew onto your eyelids at midnight on Summer Solstice night. If you want to get into the spirit of Midsummer put Birch, Fennel, St. John's Wort, Sunflowers, Marigolds, and White Lilies over your front door and around your home. Also Rue, Roses, Vervain, and Trefoil were revered for having magickal properties during this midsummer period. Fae folk love all that glitters, so broken jewellery, glitter, cakes and ale are often left out for them. 
Wear a circlet of flowers, have a bbq, do some drumming, divination, have a mock battle between the Holly and Oak Kings (Holly wins on this occasion), make a greenman mask, get together with friends to stay up and see the Sun down and the Sun up again, make some pot pourri ;-
Midsummer Potpourri

1 measure oakmoss or oak leaves
2 measures dried lavender
2 measures honeysuckle
2 measures verbena
2 measures of rose petals
25 drops lavender oil or lemon oil  mis well and place in a bowl.
The card for this month is taken from the Greenman Oracle by John Matthews and Will Worthington.

Honeyssuckle, Lonicera periclymenum - Wisdom hides in secret places.  This card suggests there is much awaiting to be uncovered and explored, this is the mysteries of life, the point of Divine interaction in the natural world. A perfect card for this time of year, showing us that there is always more to discover, more to learn, more magick that is hidden from us yet so often right under our feet. Something is hidden and needs uncovering.  It is believed that the country name for honeysuckle, woodbine, gave rise to the name for early cigarettes, Woodbines, as many people used to smoke the dried leaves of honeysuckle, sometimes known as woodbine, to treat asthma ! 

Diary Dates
Weds 131th New Moon and feast day of the Goddess Epona, sacred horse Goddess of the Celts, Rhiannon in Wales.
Sunday 17th - Fathers Day
Thursday 21st Litha - Summer Solstice
Sunday 24th Midsummers Day - Celebrate the Fae folk and Goddesses Aine and Fortuna.
Thursday 28th Full Moon Lodge - celebrating summer.

Love and Magickal Blessings to you All,   Avalon Whitefeather )O( xxx



Avalon's latest blog...

Greetings Everyone, it is wonderful weather as i sit here with the patio door open and the Sun streaming, Summer seems to have arrived and already we are having to water the garden regularly because it is so dry. This little area of Didcot/East Hagbourne seems to have its own micro-climate as we missed again the heavy rain others parts of Oxfordshire had recently. We have been enjoying working of creating a garden with borders and plants, shrubs and bedding plants to bring colour and foliage as well as delighting in what spring flowers were already here and now coming into their own. A work in progress.

Well these planetary energies are really ramping things up and keeping us on our toes, emotions seem like roller coaster rides and those sensitive amongst us are feeling it with headaches, digestive issues and general fatigue.  This Moon is in many ways holding space for the biggie event - the transition of Uranus into Taurus which takes place just a few hours later at 3.15pm and following Mercury's earlier entry there on Sunday 13th,  Uranus hasn't shifted houses since 2011, (and hasn't been in Taurus in over 75 years!) so prepare to feel what feels like a 7 year cycle ending, and a new one beginning - in other words, amazing shifts taking place.  The human race is waking up, on an individual level and as a collective consciousness. We are all on our way to a global awakening and a massive spiritual shift. This New Moon is helping open doors for us all to take the steps needed to make that happen. Each step we take towards our own personal healing and awakening, helps the entire planet reach that global shift.  Recent energies have been bringing up shadow issues for everyone, forcing us to see things with a new more open perspective. We can no longer keep things hidden, pushed down and unaccounted for, the universe if forcing this to come to a head and how well we deal with these issues will create our future lives. What kind of things are you willing to let go of in order to grow something new in your life ?  Are you ready for these inner and outer shifts to take place ?  Are you willing to face these things once and for all ? Will you work with these energies or still fight against them ?  What is your personal vision for your future and the future of humanity ?  Uranus is the planet of upheaval, breakdowns, breakthroughs, and awakenings. It is loud, extreme, and liberating. Not always sweet to the system, on a personal level, Uranus in Taurus will ask us to engage with an aspect of our life differently. Creatively. Disruptively. But engage we must. 
This New Moon is asking us to root ourselves in the Earth, and to acknowledge our position in the universe and our home within it, our families and the wider family of Humanity. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign and is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love, harmony, possessions – and money, and so we are being asked to look at how we view these qualities and people in our lives. There is a a sense of the ‘speeding up’ of events around us, this feels like the unexpected, it can be thrilling or shocking and will certainly feel like riding a roller coaster. At these times, home, family, nature, nurture and the need to feel valued and protected become even more important and if any of these areas are out of balance, they will be shown up big time in an effort to get us to redress the imbalance.  Inevitable changes and the acknowledgement of the value of home and family is likely to be a general theme over this New Moon. The time has come to put our focus where we want to see manifestation occurring in our lives. This is a call to pull back our efforts from those things that are no longer serving us or from situations that have played themselves out and are now just in a cycle of repeating patterns. WE have the power, WE have to do something about it. 

With Beltaine behind us and the longest day, Summer Solstice, 21st June, just 5 weeks away, the year is speeding on. Thoughts turn to picnic's, BBQ's and long warm evenings. The Green Man and Goddess Gaia have united and now the hedgerows are blossoming and the first fruits of summer are almost here. Of course, enter any supermarket and the fruits of summer can be purchased at any time of the year. Whilst this may for some seem convienient and wholesome, it has also taken away the magick of awaiting new crops and new taste sensations to become ready for picking. The joys of that first strawberry of the season, those first jersey royal potatoes, are now diminished by the ready supply in supermarkets who bring these foods in from all over the world at great cost and damage to our precious Mother Earth. With the transformations and shifts taking place, maybe we should also look again at how we impact the Earth with our own shopping habits. British asparagus is in season right now, we love it, and will only buy it when in season, i do not buy foreign grown asparagus unless it is in the reduced bin, then i only buy it because i do not like to think of the wastage of the food as well as the wastage in air miles and pollution it took to get it here, to me to see this food then thrown away is doubling the impact of bringing it here in the first place. WE really all do need to rethink our own habits. It is not just a matter of signing petitions, they become irrelevent when we fail to change our own buying habits.  Our media is full of news regarding the state of our planet and the need to become more aware on so many levels and whilst it can seem tiresome when we feel we do our bit to help and then we see the mess and rubbish others leave behind. Why should we clear up after others ? Why indeed, but then we all live on this planet and if we want it clean and in good condition for future generations then we do have to step up and take control, through clearing up if necessary, by educating others, and of course constantly reviewing our own impact.

From the Doreen Virtue Dolphins and Mermaids Oracle Deck.    We are all guilty of being hard on ourselves and in these trying times when we are pulled in so many directions, it id often ourselves we berate the most.  Whilst it is good to have high standards, we must remember we are human and as such, fallible, sp this card says its time to stop the self abuse, the negative language and undermining of the self.  Time to focus on our positive attributes, building up our self esteem, working to decrease our stress levels.  If we feel guilty doing things for ourselves then remember guilt is the opposite energy to Love, so this means we are not loving ourselves as we should.  We are as deserving and worthy as everyone else around us. So let go of past mistakes, the should have's and wishing things were different and start loving yourself as you are now. Focus on pouring the universes loving energy over you, take a bath with rose quartz and/or lavender oils. Do the things that bring you pleasure and joy. Start loving YOU.  It is a very fitting card for current energies.
Diary Dates.   
Weds 16th Drumming 7.30pm  
Tues 29th Full Moon Lodge 7.30pm                                        
Sunday 3rd June Powertes Goddess Workshop 11-4pm

Tarot Readings, Healing, correspondent courses always available in Shamanism, Wicca, Herbalism and Moon Magick.  just message me for full details or a prospectus.
With Love and Magickal Blessings,  Avalon Whitefeather )O( xxx



Avalon's latest blog...

April New Moon

Greetings Everyone, 

We start this months newsletter with the welcome news that as of today, Mercury is stationed direct ready for forward motion again, of course it can take a few days for its shadow phase to pass, but it will.  As we sit in the Dark Moon phase awaiting the New Moon in Aries tomorrow - 16th at 2.15am, this is a good time to sit and connect with our inner intuitive selves.  Dreams have been prominent for many in the last weeks or so, often revisiting the past, both people, places and issues we probably thought we had already dealt with.  But with Spring energy rising and Mother Gaia awakening, now is the time to prepare to move forward.
The Aries New Moon starts the new astrological year, our emotions are influenced by the prospect of a new beginning,  both for the Lunar Month ahead and the Lunar Year too. Aries is the fiery spark we've all been waiting for, the impetus to ‘get up and go’ on a new adventure, a new project, lifestyle or relationship. Aries is impatient to start the journey. We feel the need to leave negativity behind us and to rise up like the phoenix, excited, expectant and enthusiastic at the prospect of the year ahead. We are ready to leave any residual fog behind and welcome the bright energy of new possibilities that the New Moon brings our way.  We sometimes plant seeds in our spring gardens without much thought as to how we’ll nurture them and what they might grow into. It’s difficult to fully understand the innate potency of the energy encapsulated within every tiny little seed. The same is true of the seeds that are our dreams, projects and ideals that we sow within our lives. We can’t be casual with our intentions. They need careful consideration, focus followed by nurturing. What we visualise, the seeds that we sow and how we nurture them is intensely powerful at any New Moon, but more so at the start of the astrological year. We need to keep our eyes on our goals. So we must dig deep to find the right seeds because what they grow into will have a direct impact on out lives and the world we are collectively creating, whether we are consciously aware of that or not. 
With all the talk of war, current air strikes and a crashing of diplomatic relations, i have been wondering whether the current astrological energies bear any resemblance to other years when war mongering seemed rife, there does seem strong and familiar similarities between the astrology of the late 1960s and the New Moon Chart this month - a growing desire from deep within society for a less material and more caring world - note the rise in awareness of our use of plastic's etc.,. Pluto is square the New Moon heralding transformation and compulsive yet inevitable change. The energy is of rebellion, revolution and renewal - and the need to assert a counter-opinion towards the status quo, people are suddenly less afraid to speak out.  This Moon could spark protests and marches as the younger generations especially, speak out, they want to be heard and Aries often speaks first and thinks later, so it could be a volatile time.  
Chiron, the wounded healer, moves into Aries on the 17th and Saturn, who influences the structure of our lives, our personal paths and is a harsh task master, turns retrograde the same day. The planets are not done with us facing and clearing our paths so we can move forward into our true futures. We are being asked to step outside the boxes, release what is not working, however much we like it, if it is not working we have to ditch it. This is all about finding the new me, you, the individual, rebirthing ourselves and knowing fully who we are.  No easy task we are being set.  We need to call on that Aries warrior energy, not for fighting others, but for fighting our own bad habits, our own inner demons, that negative voice that often pervades.  Through the surfacing of our wounds, we are being asked to find the courage to heal once and for all.  This really is a month for feeling and owning our own power and stepping into it fully. This is a time to dance with our destiny and give ourselves over to the transformations of renewal and rebirth that are begging to break free. Change can be hard for us to deal with, but this is a place of seeing the potential that these shifts will bring and becoming hopeful or excited about them instead of rigid with fear. To help with the process, try to keep as grounded as possible, walk barefoot wherever you can, sit or stand with your back to a tree, carry hematite, obsidian, smokey quartz, red jasper or bloodstone. Salt baths will help strip the negativity and rebalance our energies as will the essential oils of Frankincense, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage and Lavender.  This new Moon is also the last in Aries to conjunct Uranus marking the monumental sign change that Uranus is about to make, moving into Taurus for the first time in 84 years ! 

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  Greetings Everyone and Blessed New Moon to you All.

Well here we are just days away from the Spring Equinox, the festival of Ostara/Eostre and after a few days of Spring like weather, it is freezing cold and snowing today. The Crone does not want to give up Her grip on the land just yet, but the Maiden will win out eventually.  Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, watery, feminine and ruled by Neptune. She’s a mutable sign of changing moods - from compassion and love to despair and depression. The new Moon in Pisces. 1.11pm this afternoon (17.3.2018) adjusts Her energy to the circumstances around her. Positively, She encourages creativity, compassion, vision and increased access to altered states of all kinds. She reminds us that we are spiritual as well as physical. More negatively, She encourages unrealistic escapism, emotional imbalance and addictions. She can make us feel so lethargic that we either feel we ‘can’t be bothered’ or feel that there is ‘no point’. We forget what is real and what is unreal. Energy levels may seem depleted.  Flanked on one side by Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, and on the other, by Chiron - the ‘wounded healer’ this makes a challenging aspect to the North Node, and is also trine Jupiter in Scorpio and square to Mars in Sagittarius. These aspects might be catalysts that encourage healing on a global scale or send some over the edge into fantasy land.  There could be an awakening in awareness of what is truly reality and what is not.  There is presented to us an opportunity to manifest our greatest desires and most positive dreams. We may collectively and individually accept the need for change and we might find it easier to connect with others, there again we may want to hide away in our own little world and pretend it is not really happening.  The Spring Equinox, when the Sun moves into Aries, on 20th March this year, occurs only three days after this new Moon, so this is a time for sowing seeds, for starting action, from awakening from our slumber, both physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The Moon, astrologically affects our emotions and underlines the changing, cyclical nature of our needs. There will be little time to ‘dream our dreams’, once the energy begins, before we begin to act upon our intentions. We can use the energy of this new Moon cycle to realise our most positive dreams and intentions.
This Moon cycle has the power to bring about dramatic changes, how positive they are depends on how we act and react to them, during this cycle we will experience many astrological influences that will hold lasting importance for our lives. This New Moon offers the lessons we need to expose the wound that’s been holding back our healing process and forward motion.  This Moon and the associated celestial energies around it, is all about getting real with ourselves,  the reality we’ve been holding on to, and what you are willing to let go of to get the things you want.   Following on swiftly from the Equinox, Mercury goes retrograde on the 22nd of March in the sign of Aries. This may cause you to question where you are at and where you want to go in the future. What we say and do during this time holds lasting importance for years to come so make sure those intention are what you truly want.

Everything in the world is coming forth in anticipation of Spring. The tips of forest ferns gently unfurl, silent roots below the still cold ground now send tender shoots, stems and brightly greened-tipped leaves upwards, breaking free of the dark womb of Mother Earth, leverits, cubs, kittens, chicks, lambs and other springtime animals are birthed into the world at this time, and once more beautiful birdsong fills the Air. Even the light coming through the newly greened boughs of trees is a bit more golden, more shimmery and more magickal, as if it were shimmering in anticipation of something that is just about to happen, as if on the threshold of something new.   The dreams that were dreamt during the darkness of winter now make their way into form, for the element of Air , associated with Spring, helps to transport ideas and inspiration into the physical, into being, and it is in this season that we plant seeds, plan and grow both physically in the garden and spiritually with our ideas and aspirations.  Spring Equinox and the Festival of Oestre/Ostara/Eostre is the time when we celebrate the Goddess of springtime and Mother of Fire, Creativity and Life. We honour Ostara, Goddess of Light, Fire and Fertility... Artha, the Great She-Bear of the Heavens which can be seen in the night sky as Ursa Major... Grainne, the Sun Goddess who welcomes the rebirth of Spring. 

We give thanks for bringing their warmth, light and life back to our lands.  Artha is a name for the primal Bear Goddess who once lived and was worshipped in the UK and all over Europe as Artio or Artemis Calliste (who had a big bear-centred following in Ancient Greece). We did of course once have bears here in the UK until we hunted them to extinction by the 10th century, but they would have been present in pre-Christian Britain. and revered as icons of the Mother element and rebirth in SPring when they came out of hibernation.  The Bear Goddess shows us the fierce love that the Goddess has for us,  just as a Mother Bear has for her cubs,  she will defend them as the Goddess protects us and supports us in all we do. She can teach us of the beauty and healing of herbs, with many spring tonic's now beginning to sprout and would have been an early source of nutrition for our ancestors.  Finding courage and inner resilience seems to be the order of the day for so many people at the moment, and theGreat She Bear Mother Goddess can offer us the inner strength we need to continue to forge ahead after a long dark and difficult winter where we have been held inside Her womb, for it is in the black stillness of Arta’s cave that we learn to let go of the old, envision the new, grounding and centring ourselves to contact that deep peace and inner knowing. Yet Spring beckons, and with Her guidance we can now leave the womb cave and emerge into sunlight once more, blessing us with the courage to move forward into life. 

It is worth bearing in mind that, in their purest form, all the seasonal rituals and celebrations were performed to align with the energy of that season. It wasn’t just “pagans” who celebrated the turning of the wheel of nature – Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all have a rich history of celebrating the passing of the seasons in very similar ways, worshipping the same gods and goddesses with the only differences being in their names. The Egyptian Great Sphinx gazes due east to where the sun rises on the spring equinox, this is thought to be symbolic of the resurrection of Osiris at the dawning of the sun on the spring equinox.   

Our ancestors were very in tune with the earth and her seasons. Their veneration of the sun took on a deeper significance, it was also seen as the spiritual sun - the spiritual fire and source of all creation. Wheel of the Year rituals were merely enactments towards the process of individual enlightenment.  One of the most delightful sights of spring are hares who apparently engage in boxing matches, a spectacle which has given rise to the expression “Mad as a March Hare” – a saying used by the British for over 600 years. Mainly nocturnal, hares come into their own in spring with some observers believing the boxing match to be a way for the female to test the male’s strength before mating with him, other people postulate she is just fending off the over amorous male attention . Held in high regard in myth and magick, sacred to the Goddess “Eostre”, the hare probably went on to become the Easter Bunny.  Ostara/Eostre is celebrated on 19-22nd MArch dependent on when the astroligical event of the Earth's day and night being held in balance, falls, this year it is the 20th. However,  Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full Moon occurring on or after the spring equinox, this was established in 325CE by the “Council of Nicea”. Created by the Roman Emperor Constantine, the council was responsible for deciding what made it into the “gospels” and for setting dates of important Christian celebrations. Almost all of these celebrations closely coincide with much older, pagan festivities, by adopting their rituals it made it much easier to convert conquered peoples to the new religion and with time the population would be replaced by those who only knew the new tradition.

Of course many are still feeling very sluggish after winter and  some good herbs and remedies to kick start our systems for Spring are;- Dandelion, both flowers and dried root taken as 'coffee',  this is a diuretic and so flushes out the systems whilst being high in potassium so doesnt deplete the bodies reserves, the bitterness has a tonic effect on all the digestive organs which works to stimulate enzymes, hormones, and hydrochloric acid needed for good digestion. For the liver, the bitter taste of dandelion root increases the production of bile to flush and restore liver cells.  Nettle is a strong blood purifier and can help us release toxins accumulated over winter- from all that rich food over Yule and comfort food during winter as it is essential in supporting kidney function. It also acts as an anti-histamine, so drinking the tea daily now can help reduce allergic reactions such as hayfever, later in the spring/summer.     Cleavers is another plant with more than one name. Sometimes spelled ‘clivers,’ the fine prickles on the stems and seed heads inspire another name: ‘Sticky Willie.’  Regardless of what you choose to call it, the aerial parts of this plant work to stimulate the production and circulation of lymph fluid by  clearing congestion in the lymph nodes and reducing lymphatic inflammation. At the same time, cleavers has a diuretic effect, which helps the detox process.   Red clover is incredible for cleansing the blood. The flowers have the ability to carry waste out of the bloodstream, making this herb a valuable part of a detoxification protocol, Its expectorant properties are also great for individuals needing lung support.    Milk thistle can help detox your body by regenerating liver cells. It provides vital nutrients for the liver in helping it to expel toxins and metabolic waste. Milk thistle also helps to produce bile, which assists in supporting digestion.   **As with all herbal use, if you are on allopathic prescribed medicines, do check for any contra-indications before using. **

Card for this Cycle.   Taken from the Gaia Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno.  How appropriate for the coming change in season :-)  This card reminds us that no matter external energies, we are all, always transforming and changing.  There is a will far greater than our own and many external factors can cause u to reroute and change our perspective. One thing is certain, whether we like it or not, change is the one constant in our universe. Just as Mother Earth goes through Her seasonal changes, so we too go through changes and transformation on a cyclical pattern.   Wwe are reminded that there is truly nothing to fear, only that our irrational fears and worries make our natural progression and transformation harder and more difficult. So this card say to relaxa and go with the flow. Allow thingns to unfold naturally at their own pace and do not fight what appears to be anuncomfortable transition, for it will lead to greater clarity and immense opportunities for growth. The universe supports these changes.

Positive news articles ;-

Diary Dates.
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     Greetings on this New Moon - Thursday 15th 9.05pm UK time in Aquarius and a partial Solar eclipse, following on the heels of Valentines Day and World Sound Healing both on 14th and Chinese New Year in the Year of the Dog.  No wonder energies are still high !!

This newsletter is a little early as we will be going to Papworth Hospital on the 15th and SunEagle will be having his Heart Surgery on the 16th, so hoping all this energy is a good omen in this month dedicated to Love.  This is certainly the month of Love, and Valentine’s Day has its roots in pagan rites , and the Roman's venerated their Mother Goddess Juno. The Roman's  celebrated throughout February, of course Christianity attempted to stop them such revelrie and the Church replaced these festivals with an entirely fictional saint - St Valentine. Of course the Church then changed the focus from one of love and fertility, after all, this comes close on the Imbolc first Spring festival, and the rest is, as they say, history. But in the natural world, birds have begun their courtship, the mating displays of the Red Kites over our home is an amazing spectacle to behold.  So whilst many now a berating Valentines day as an exercise in commercialism, it does have its roots in Love, and who doesn't need more love in their lives ?  So maybe we should take a lesson from Nature, and show our love for one another and also for ourselves. This is something that has come out quite a bit recently in the daily oracles on FB, self love seems to be the hardest love to give out freely, so maybe it is a reminder than we do need to love ourselves more, and of course our precious planet. So much in the news recently about the plastic's problem and we look to companies to stop the problem, but we can make a difference, if we do not buy from companies that use plastic's they would soon get the message, after all, companies cannot thrive unless we are supporting them through our buying power. So maybe in this month of Love we should be thinking about how we can show our love towards our planet AND our future generations.

There are no full Moon in February, and we are already at the mid-way point, represented by the Aquarius New Moon and a partial solar eclipse.  As a culture we have lost touch with the profound associations of these celestial events, but a Solar eclipse can still have a strong energetic affect on us. As this eclipse occurs close to the communication planet Mercury, it is a good time to socialise, to communicate your ideas and inspirations without fear of ridicule and shame. The more we trust ourselves and life, the easier it will be to speak our personal truth, share our ideas and visions, and reap the rewards.  Aquarius energy is represented by the water bearer pouring water over the land, nourishing our dreams and visions so this new Moon brings the focus back to how we are nourishing ourselves and our projects, endeavors and dreams. What creative and positive action are we taking to turn our dreams into reality?  Aquarius is the most rebellious and inventive energy of the zodiac, so this new Moon helps us to think outside the box, to find the solutions in our hearts and our imagination.  If you are faced with a challenge, and feel restricted and don't know what to do, think outside the box, let your imagination run wild and free, dare to be different and unconventional - ditch that box ,  reignite your passions, break rules, and stand up for what you believe in ! 
With a partial solar eclipse close to Mercury, this highlights the value and importance of our friendships, social networks and connections with ourselves, each other and the wider world, how we share our Love and with the Chinese year of the Earth Dog spurring us on, this is a good reminder to stay compassionate, loving, loyal, and to honour all our social connections. When we shine bright, we inspire others to do the same. 

Gung Hei Fat Choy - Happy Chinese New Year -Year of the Yellow Earth Dog.        
The Chinese New year is always celebrated on the first new moon of February, and this year we are in the year of the Earth Dog. Use the energy of this dog year to inspire you to be more honest, sincere, compassionate and in service to others. You will find that it all the good energy you send out will be returned to you almost instantly. For those who are born in a dog year, 2018 may well be challenging and difficult, so be kind to yourself and make sure you take time out to enjoy the love of family and friends, and remember to keep counting all your blessings. Earth is a stabalizing force helping us build firm foundations but can be overpowering when left to get out of hand (think mudslides).  An Earth Dog year has the opportunity to be a prosperous year, if we are prepared to put the work in., are fair and honest with others in our dealings and the more we give the more benefits we will reap in return. It is a year to fearlessly give because the more we give, the more comes back to us. The Dog is the path of Service, and many Dog natives work in the medical, healing, police or public service sector in some way, so this year is all about what we can do for others. Social awareness, looking out for the 'under-dog', protection of the home, standing up for equality (this is the 100 year anniversary of the womens right to vote also ! ) and integrity.  People will become more aware of what is not right in our world and will actively work to address this. Of course each sign will be affected slightly differently dependent on your birth animals. I am a Dog so i am hoping my year will go from strength to strength.  All the usual doggie traits are prevalent this year, faith, trust, loyalty, looking out for your pack/tribe/family. And dogs like nothing more than to be loved and to give their own special brand of unconditional love.


Card for the Month.  With the Earth awakening and Spring on its way, despite winter still trying to grip the land with snow and ice,  snowdrops, crocus, daffodils and tulips are all showing their growth and valiantly pushing upwards, i have chosen the Earth Magic cards by Steven.D.Farmer.  Green Man  Synergy.  The flow of life is awakening, there is a falling into place of all that is needed at this time.  There will be mutually cooperative interaction with others, with Spirit, with Life. Embrace all that comes your way and allow yourself to grow and blossom.  A time to find or re-find your sense of purposes,  your place in the world and to claim it vibrantly.  Balance is returning, the forces of Nature and Spirit are working with us at this time to bring awareness, to awaken to our personal self and to relinquish ego.  A time when our Higher Self is looking out for us as we enter a cycle of guidance and connection in all things.  Spend time in Nature, walk with Nature, sit with Nature, embrace Nature. The Greenman reminds us of the incredible energy than Mother Earth, the Goddess Gaia gives out in order to rebirth Herself each year in Spring, and that we can also rebirth ourselves anew and reclaim our true selves. 

How about a special recipe seeing as we are in the season of Love and chocolate seems to go hand in hand, often known to be an aphrodisiac ;-)    A Maya legend tells us Cacao is the Food of the Gods and that whenever there is an imbalance between humans and nature, cacao comes to us from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony. It is no wonder then that cacao ceremonies are taking off over here in UK. 
It represents the new order of love and peace, which needs cultivating right now. 
One of cacao’s active pharmacological ingredients consists of N-acylethanolamines, which, according to, are “compounds found in chocolate that are structurally similar to anandamine, which is similar to the cannabinoid responsible for euphoria from cannabis. These compounds may not exert their effect by binding with the tetrahydrocannabinol receptors, but by inhibiting breakdown of endogenously produced anandamine, thus prolonging a ‘natural high.’” No wonder we all love chocolate so much and it is packed with health giving benefits too.
• Increases blood flow.
• Contains powerful antioxidants, up to 40 times more than blueberries, which absorb free radicals.
• Boasts the highest plant-based source of iron—twice that of spinach.
• Full of magnesium for a healthy heart and brain.
• Acts as a natural mood elevator and antidepressant.
• Contains more calcium than cow’s milk per 100g.

Sacred Hot Chocolate
(makes 1 serving)
10 oz. almond milk
2 Tbsp. raw cacao powder
2 Tbsp honey or agarve (or be indulgent and use maple syrup)
1 Tbsp. organic coconut oil
1 tsp. maca powder - optional
¼ tsp organic vanilla extract
Pinch of cinnamon and a choco tea bag (from Yogi teas)
- Put all ingredients, except for cinnamon, into a sauce pan over medium heat
- Whisk all ingredients together thoroughly
- Once the contents are simmering, remove from heat and pour into a cup
- Sprinkle cinnamon over top of the brew and enjoy!

Avalon's latest blog...

The Crows (& Kites ) of Cailleach Moon. 3.12.2017

Well, here we are, a month to the date since we moved from Norfolk to Oxfordshire. Our home is taking shape nicelyand becoming ever more cosy as pictures are put up and nik naks on show and almost time to erect the symbols of continued growth and renewal – the Yule Tree, a poignant symbols for our new life here, rebirthing ourselves yet bringing with us all that has served us well.

We decided to name our home Cailleach Moon as the Crone/Samhain Moon was watching over us as we made our transition during a a time that was also a transition between seasons. It seems fitting that our first Full Moon now we are more properly settled in, should be a powerful Super Moon, closest to the Earth this year on Her cyclic journey, bringing with Her a Mercury retrograde, asking us to look at the bigger picture, to consolidate idea's and plans for after the Winter Solstice.

The Moon in Gemini is being strongly influenced by Saturn close to the Galactic Centre, Divine wisdom, knowledge and messages are flowing, if we are aware to them. This is a time of exploring how we can move forward, how to leave past attitudes and beliefs behind in order for new ideas, inspiration and plans to flow. We need to move past the old for the new to occur. We need to walk our talk and express our walk through our talk. New opportunities are on the horizon, there is an air of hope, excitement building. We are being asked to realign ourselves with our own true nature, and that is often best achieved by being in Nature.

Seasonally and astrologically, this is a time of quiet reflection, of going within to reassess, repair, realign and regenerate, and Mercury retrograde urges this also. For us this is the perfect time to reflect on where we have been, what we have released, what we bring forward with us and what new roads, paths and adventures await us. Sadly many are caught in the hype of the seasonal festive activities, and many are frazzled and panicked about 'getting it all done' for a one day event which for most people is a lifetime habit rather than a celebration of their religious or spiritual beliefs, more an excuse to overspend, overeat, drink and have fractious relationships with family all squeezed under one roof – aaah the joys of the season. Although many now are stepping away from this and preferring a quieter festive event.

We of course celebrate Yule, Winter Solstice on 21st/22nd December and this will be our first Yule in quiet a few years which we have not spent alone, so we are looking forward to sharing our traditions with family open and respecting of our ways, our venison meal, lighting of a Yule log, hanging of mistletoe and blessing the return of the Sun.

So, where do the Crows, and Kites, come in ? Well, when we arrived here on the third of Nov in the dark, aside from family, natures wise there was nothing much here to greet us. Awake early the next morning in readiness for the removal men to deliver our furniture, I opened the curtains to see a fading Full Moon and a Crow strutting its stuff on our lawn. The movement of the curtains caused Him – or Her, to pause and look my way. “Good Morning Morrigan, Bright Blessings to you” I said as I greeted our visitor, who promptly turned His head this way and that, first looking at me with one eye and then the other, as Crows are apt to do, before taking a few steps towards me and looked straight up at the window, at me ! WOW ! “Thank you Morrigan”, before continuing His exploration of our lawn. He or She comes daily still. A few days later a pair of them, I can only assume He/She brought their spouse, sat on our back fence and I am sure they were watching us through the dining room window as we sat having lunch.

They are daily visitors here, especially as we love to feed the stunning Red Kites, so abundant here and enjoying the bacon, chicken and other scraps we throw out for them. We are sad not to see again the magnificent sight and sound of the migratory Pink Foot Geese back in Snettisham, but are thrilled to be watching the aerial flying displays of the Red Kites and knowing the Crone and Her Crows are watching over us as we begin the final stage of our own life cycle and all the wonderful adventures, enlightenment and expansion of wisdom to come.

We hope old friends will continue to journey with us, even though the miles part us, we look forward to making new friends. We offer our thanks, as is fitting of this time of year, for our old life, the home, the memories, some we will cherish always, others we have released and hopefully learned from.

So, we open our arms to the Cailleach, ancient Crone Goddess of Winter, the weather, wisdom, the procession of time. Often feared, as is advancing age in our world that tries to manipulate us into staying forever young, our elderly often forgotten, few honored for their accumulated experiences and wisdom gathered. Seen as a Goddess of advancing age, Crone has come to me old and unwanted, Hag images the media have given Her, painted as withered, bent, frail and decrepit. Yet the Cailleach is also associated with Imbolc and linked to the Goddess Bride/Brigit, Spring, new beginnings and the Maiden. A true cyclic Goddess spanning eons, endless time, the cycles of birth, life, death and renewal. Cailleach is a protector of animals and Her charges range from Deer, Cows, Wolves, Hares and of course Crows and other Corvids. Interestingly we also have a pair of resident Magpies.

Cailleach is a shapeshifter, so often the haggered old woman, yet also the ghostly spirit of winter and the beguiling young maiden. This is also appropriate for me as I have been known to shapeshift myself, often being seen by others as “someone else” especially when giving talks or teaching. Many fear this ability, as they do the Crone, for Her gifts are not always easy ones to live with, yet others are captivated by the ability to channel through the wisdom of someone from another lifetime and momentarily take on their persona. A gift that will expand even more perhaps now that we seem so influenced by the Cailleach energy here. The wealth of the Cailleach wisdom is endless time, the bounties of Mother Earth and the acceptance of the passage of time whilst understanding the cyclic nature of life.

So, as Winters harshest weather approaches, we've had some beautiful frosts here, but I know many have seen snow already, the Cailleach/Crone has come to claim the land, bringing the winter storms to cleanse the Earth, the silent, magickal snow and frosts to remind us there is always beauty even in old age, death and decay, if we know how to look for it. Dealth of the old can bring release and renewal, however harsh and cruel it appears at times. On the contnent the Crone is associated with the Goddess Holde/Holle/Hol, another aspect of the Goddess in Winter, of the great Mother Goddess, showing us that all aspects of life, whether ages Crone or beautiful maiden, are but aspects of the continuing cycle of life. The continent seems to have far more Winter and Yule activities that we have retained here in Britain, perhaps the origins of the Cailleach lie in Europe and the ancient lands from whence the Celtic people once came.

And now we begin a new cycle here in Oxfordshire at Cailleach Moon.


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Greetings Everyone,  Its been a while i know but we are on the verge of our move at long last, and for us it is perfect timing, 31st October, Samhain, Celtic and Witches New Year. This time of transition reminds us that although we are moving into the dark half of the year, we are in fact preparing for the new. Seeds grow in the dark, so this is a time for sowing that which we wish to bring to fruition during the next light half of the year, after all, the Sun is reborn barely 8 weeks after Samhain (Halloween).  The Crone rules this time of year and takes us up to Yule.  This ageing Goddess is the giver of Wisdom, Death, Regeneration and Rebirth.  Thought to be associated with the ancient and earliest of Goddesses, the Bird Goddess, due to the nocturnal, darkness aspect of the life-giver - think dark caves, the womb, the egg.  So although all around us appears to be dying and returning back into the Earth Mother, it is in fact preparing for regeneration.  I have felt this slowing down in preparation for regeneration for some weeks now, long before Nature decided to join me. I seem to have been packing boxes for months, discarding and letting go,  The Celts reckoned their days from sunset to sunset, and so the start of the year would begin in the dark time at the beginning of winter. Samhain marked the first day of Winter, it is a time that is not a time, when the veils between worlds are thin, and therefore some Pagans honour this time and season from 31st October right through to the Winter Solstice as a time to honour our past, our ancestors, both familial as well as those of the land we find ourselves upon.  It is a time when many things are dying or have died, and there is a stillness to the Air, an Otherworldly feel in the silence and yet an anticipation also.  It's a dark time here in the UK, with long nights on our northerly latitude, and usually a very wet time as well, despite our current, unseasonal heatwave.  It's not hard to see how these months could be seen as outside of time and space as we know it, outside of the cycles of life, death and rebirth and yet so indicative of them.
Goddess Gaia is still giving us beautiful flowers that should be in flower in Spring, like my early flowering clematis, the camelia in bud, and canturbury bells still flowering, all alongside our abundant harvest of apples, pears, plums and autumn raspberries.  A few Geese arrived early when we had a cold snap in late August and early September, but no more since our October heatwave.  Is Nature confused ? Is this Global warming ?  Records certainly show there is an increase is freak and unusual weather patterns, the fiercest hurricane force storm for over 100 years hit Ireland only yesterday (as i write this). Hurricane after hurricane hitting parts of the America's,  wildfires in others areas, both USA and Europe, torrential rain and floods in Asian communities,  strange red Sun and yellow skies in the Uk, not to mention political issues clouding our judgement at every turn. We could be forgiven for thinking this is the end times, the apocalyptic prophecies coming true.  Yet, the Earth Mother has been through numerous cataclysmic changes over the millennia, She thrives on change, transition and regneration.  Which is perhaps the biggest lesson She, and this time of year can give us. To accept the darkness, the changes and transitions we all move through, both on a daily basis, yearly changes and through the natural changes that occur in our lifetimes - from childhood to teenager, to young adult, perhaps becoming a parent, reaching birthday 'milestones', becoming the Crone or Sage as we enter the later years of our lives.
This then is a time of letting go, of releasing into the dark half of the year, and getting rid of the dross in our lives so that we do not have to carry them with us through the long winter nights, so that we can have space to sow fresh seeds andplan new beginnings.  We can consciously us this time of year to make the effort to live better, more meaningful lives and shed all that holds us back - our fears, stresses and worries, our anger, frustration and hatred. which seems so rife on ourplanet right now. We can nurture the beauty, the love, the beneficial aspects and the blessings that we have in our lives, ensuring that they are nurtured ready fo rthe new cycle to begin.  At Samhain it was said that the ancient Celts brought their cattle in for the winter from the high grounds, passing them through two bonfires  as they went, until their hair was singed.  This may also have been performed at Beltane, at the opposite side of the Wheel of the Year as they were returned back out to summer pastures. Bringing cattle close to the flames may not be entirely accurate, for it is usually very difficult to get any animal that close to a fire without a major stampede in any other direction, with their instinctive aversion to fire. However, they may very well have been driven between two smoking bonfires, so that the smoke would purify then and perhaps even cause any fleas that came with the cattle to fall off or dye, thereby ensuring that the cattle are both ritually and physically cleansed in preparation for their winter/summer quartering. During this time those that were aging or ailing would be selected for culling to ensure a good supply of meat for the winter months. 
In my own little world i have been letting go, discarding what no longer serves me, things that held perhaps bitter-sweet memories,  past activities that we no longer pursue for various reasons.  If we do not let go then we have no room for anything new. Now is the time for letting go, for focusing our energy on what is important and also getting rid of dross, copying Mother Earths guidance, shedding the old.  However, that means being an active participant rather than a passive observer in our own lives, admitting to ourselves what we have outgrown, what no longer fills us with joy, passion and excitement.  It is the time to collect and nurture the seeds of our future through our  intention, focusing on our plans, ideas and projects that fire us up and set our passions afire, helping us to get things in order.  We can take time during this dark season to scrutinise our words, thoughts , actions and deeds to ensure that they are beneficial to ourselves, our families, our environment and our prescious Mother Earth.  WE can use this time to truly understand what our path is, what our beliefs are, how we want to express that path and those beliefs, how we can be our authentic selves and walk our talk and talk our walk.
Wishing you all many blessings from Norfolk, UK , as i leave behind nearly 50 years of living here, i have let go, and am ready for our new life in Oxfordshire, closer to family and the new friends i am already making there. Enjoy this beautiful and empowering season, till next time ............





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I have just celebrated Summer Solstice in a very subdued manner, the
energies do not seem as vibrant as previous years and it feels like we
are holding our breath, waiting for something, what - who knows ?  With
a New Moon in just a day or so this may have something to do with it,
but i somehow feel there is a much deeper underlying energy awaiting to
surface, or dare i say it - erupt. New Moons always have the potential
to usher in something new, but this one seems to have even more
potential than most. It falls in the homely sign of Cancer, so this
gives a clue as to where its energies may fall, which is perfect for
myself as i am frantically packing up our beautiful little cottage in
Norfolk, UK ready to relocate to Oxfordshire, mainly to be nearer
family but also because I feel my time here is done, nothing new to
offer here and already my mind is buzzing with ideas for new ways for
working, new offerings and new ideas for workshops and more once we are
settled in our new home.  We are waiting for completion dates but that
is also how the general feel of energies are at present, as if we are
waiting completion of something before we can move forward into
something new and exciting. That is certainly the issue with
governmental things here in the UK and in many other areas of the global
economy too.  There is a sense of new beginnings, possibilities and ideas
which are not quite within grasp yet, almost, but not quite.   We will
need to focus our concentrated attention so we can make our mark in the
future,  we can make real progress but must be mindful of falling prey
to the negative energies around us right now.  Our goals and enthusiasm
can be easily quashed in the energies from events and people around us. 
We must remain focused and positive about our goals and ideals.

This is certainly a time when we are being called to walk our walk and
talk our talk, we can no longer hie behind glib words that are not
followed up with meaningful actions.   Although i have spoke a few times
of this being a 1 year and finally finding our true selves, and that is
still very important this year to know our direction and our purpose in
life,  it is also a time for coming together with other like minded
souls for the greater whole.  We all need to be aware of our changing
environment, on all levels, standing strong in our own beliefs whilst
being open to help, assist and work alongside others for a goal greater
than our own individual ones yet one which will enhance our own
individual skills and ideals.  We have seen this playing out in how
citizens come together after a traumatic incident, or in standing in
solidarity with those of another persuasion after atrocities are
committed. Understanding we are all human beings, we all bleed red blood
and have hearts that beat, is paramount in overcoming the minority
terrorists that wish to cause havoc, disintegration, disjointedness and
destruction of human values.  Standing together as one species whilst
honoring our individualities.  In standing together we can rise above
the negativity that is happening in our world right now.  Yes we are all
angry, and i have done my fair share of shouting at the TV box when
listening to news reports of certain events, but for me, it is borne out
of frustration at what humanity is doing to itself and to all other life
on this planet, which in turn leads to think about how i can be a better
person and not create yet more negativity in the world. Sadly for too
many, that anger is taken out on others, often innocent victims, in our

I watched a programme about a young man who randomly attacked a man late
one evening simply because he was annoyed his girlfriend had dumped him.
The simple act of loosing his girl friend had triggered a whole host of
pent up emotions over his broken home life, his feeling stuck in a peer
group who were committing crimes on an ever increasing scale, which his
osul didn't want to be part of yet his head told him he couldn't get out
of without trouble for himself. As he slung his mobile phone into the
foot well of his car, he saw a man walking over a bridge on his own, the
night was dark and empty of anyone else, so he grabbed a baseball bat
from his back seat and attacked the man, stole his wallet and left him
for dead.  Yet somewhere in his consciousness, he know it was wrong,
doing what he did had not changed his life for the better, it had only
served to make him more angry at his own plight, fearful of the police
and anyone in authority. The crime went unpunished, the man recovered
but his life was changed and he became fearful of walking out alone at
night. Some time later the young man saw an advert for a group for
people to confess wrong doings and work to overcome their own problems,
whilst serving sentence in jail and eventually to meet their victim and
talk things through. The young man served his time, met the man and they
are now friends who run similar groups for young offenders and people on
the streets who have no life other than crime and abuse of others. Two
lives transformed by one event, and no doubt many more lives saved. It
was a negative event, and yet it eventually lead to something positive
that will help many people in the future.

This is how I feel current world events are playing out, we don't like
them, they scare us, make us unable to trust, yet there is always some
good that comes out of them, even if we cannot see it at the time. 
Humanity needs a mega wake up call, the soft touch approach has failed
to work, now we seem faced with one trauma or attack after another,
governments are falling apart, the very basis of what we seek as
stability is no longer there. It is no longer stable itself and so
change must happen. Change is the unknown, it is frightening, it brings
chaos and upheaval and yet chaos is the ultimate cleanser.  I marvel at
how resilient our beautiful Mother Earth is. Areas devastated by fires
spring back after only a few years with new flowers and species that
could not get a hold before because of over-crowding of trees and lack
of light.   There is and has been for too long, a lack of light in our
world, the light of Love.  And so perhaps all these catastrophic world
events are clearing the debris, awakening the hearts of the masses and
allowing more light to enter the hearts of the weary, the downtrodden
and brow-beaten and at the other end of the scale, the perpetrators and
the self orientated, money making people of our world who stop at
nothing to achieve their desires.  Maybe by their very behaviour they
are unwittingly awakening the masses to all that is wrong in our world, 
sealing their own fate yet assuring the shift in balance of our planet
and humanity.

So however these strange Solstice energies are affecting you, however
the New Moon in Cancer pushes and cajoles you into your own future
self,  remember to stand strong in your beliefs whilst practising
tolerance and understanding. Walk your talk and talk your talk but be
ever mindful of each persons own personal truths. Be the shining light
of Love that humanity is capable of, turn your anger into positive
actions, channel energy into your goals and dreams and if you can help
someone else along the road, do so, in which ever way is comfortable for
you. By the time i compose my next blog piece, i will be in my new home
in Oxfordshire, looking forward to an exciting new beginning and filled
with plans. It is a village steeped in history of which i will share
some next time. In the meantime..................





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As I write this, it is the Spring Equinox,  the Sun entered Aries at 10.28am and the half yearly time of balance occurred, the Vernal or Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the Autumn Equinox in the southern hemisphere. Light and Dark were momentarily held equal, here in the northern hemisphere the sap is rising, the length of day light will now steadily grow, this is a time to welcome and nurture new growth, both on the planet and within ourselves. The Maiden Goddess is greening the land, youthful, bright, exciting. The Maiden blesses the land, snowdrops are now passed their best, crocus and daffodils adorn the verges, catkins dance in the breeze and pussy willow is waiting to burst forth, violets add their fragrance to the Air and the Sun begins to warm the land, although today here in UK we have a gentle and steady rainfall. water, like Sun, so vital for life on Earth to continue.  Celandine, Coltsfoot, cleavers and wild garlic await their turn whilst the Buckthorn paints the hedgerows white with blossom.  A hushed expectancy hangs in the Air, and those who honour the land prepare their altars with all the colours of spring. Birds are pairing and nesting and so eggs are the main theme, now of course adopted by Christianity, along with the Spring flowers, so many daffodils will be given this Mothers Day in the UK, 26th March. It will be a sombre mothers Day this year, my mum passed many years ago, and recently we lost mum in law too, being estranged from our own daughter there is little to celebrate, but then again, maybe there is ? Mother Earth put on such a wonderful display for us, so we can use this day to honour Her, take a walk and clear some hedgerows or a beach of litter, plant a tree or shrub, plant summer flowering bulbs, especially native ones. Mum in law loved bluebells, so when we bought a rose with her name on, 'Betty's Smile'  we just had to plant bluebells around it, especially as they bloom in May and her birthday was also in May.  But our hedgerows have been inundated by Spanish bluebells which naturalize quickly and over power our native ones, so we made sure we bough true native British Bluebells - more spring flowers to look forward to.
Most of our spring festivals come from Europe where it is known by various names, Ostara, Eostre, Alban Eiber, Bacchanalia, Jack in the Green and Lady Day - echoes of which we now celebrate as Mothers Day. Interestingly, in ancient Rome, their New Year fell on or around 25th March, known as the Kalends of March, the month named after the Roman God of War - Mars. The ancient India festival of Vaisakhi was celebrated on the nearest new Moon to the Equinox and marked the beginning of their new year. The ancient Tibetan festival of Kalacharka was once also celebrated on the Equinox, now it is fixed on 15th March.  The 9th century monk and prolific writer, the venerable Bede, wrote the the Christian Easter took its name from the Saxon Goddess Eostre,  the Goddess of Spring and that pagan folk celebrated the growing light with feast and revelry.
The now familiar Easter bunny was once the Eostre Hare - the Maiden Goddess in her totem aspect and this time of year hares can be seen leaping and boxing and running in the fields, they seem to sum up the rising energy and exuberance of this time of year. Legends say that a hare wanted to gift the Maiden Goddess something special, but as a Creatress she could have and create all the eggs she wanted, so the hare took a humble egg and decided to decorate it with the colours of spring, with sacred symbols of birth and rebirth, when the hare took the decorated egg to the Goddess Ostara,  She was so taken with it that she wanted all people of the world to enjoy their beauty and so the hare was given the task of decorating and delivering the eggs the worlds children. Such a shame that this wonderful pastime, painting eggs, using natural dyes from things such as onion skins, beetroot and tumeric powder, has been taken over by the need for commercially produced chocolate eggs adding to the health issues of todays children. The 'joy' now is to go on an egg hunt  at Easter to find as many chocolate eggs as you can and certainly more than the next child. For me the joy of the Spring season is the anticipation of the growth all around us, the evenings spent colouring and painting blown eggs shells, make flower garlands and wreathes to bring the colour of Spring into the home.
So as the Season changes, the light grows and the dark recedes, how can we use this within our own psyche ?  For many of our elders and ancestors, this was very much a couple of months of cleaning and clearing - the annual Spring clean.  They would wash the house from top to bottom,  change curtains, beat rugs and carpets, livestock would be taken to the summer pastures and early spring herbs gathered for much needed greens in the diet.  Many of the early spring herbs, cleavers and nettle especially, are wonderful natural tonic's and cleansers for the body, helping to remove stagnation and toxins accumulated over the dark winters months.  With the warmer weather we want to get outside more, its a natural call from our bodies  as they react to the growing light, calling for us to top up our vitamin D levels.  Those who suffer vague unexplained muscle pains may be deficient in this vital vitamin that our body cannot store. It can be bought in various forms, tablets, liquid and capsules, but is poorly absorbed and best only as a top up measure during the darkest months of the year. Eggs, fish and cheese contain small amounts but these foods for our ancestors may have been scarce by now and so the addition of early herbs and greens was much needed.  But  how does that relate to our own busy lives, who in all  honesty still does a major spring clean this time of year ? many work full time and weekends are spent shopping, cleaning and spending time with family, there is no time for major spring cleaning. Our diets remain pretty much the same all year round, interspaced with holiday events where we over eat and over indulge in rich foods and alcohol. Yet there is much to be gained from having a spring clean, both physically and emotionally. When we clear clutter from our homes, now popularized by the Chinese art of Feng Shui, it has a psychological effect on us and can act to release emotional blockages. In the natural world, the old decays and dies to fertilize the new growth, and so it is with us, we must release the previous years dross, let go of hurts and upsets, make new plans for a new year, refresh our homes, refresh ourselves, and lets face it, nothing can compare to a walk on a bright spring day with the daffodils and tulips nodding in the breeze and the warming Sun playing on our hands and faces to remind us that life can start afresh and we can too.
Enjoy this spring time, i am embracing the spring energy, having sold my home and preparing to move to a whole new area and start afresh closer to family.



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As i write this,  Winter Solstice is over, and albeit inperceptably, the days are again growing longer, Christmas is in full swing and the season of Yule is coming to a close. The calendar year is almost over and for most, we are glad to see the back of it, yet its residual energies often last into the new year and up to around Imbolc - beginning of Februrary.  2016 was a 9 year numerologically, which was all about endings, letting go and release.  Yet it also asked us to look back to all that has transpired in the previous 9 years, what we have moved away from, what we need to move away from and just how far we have truly come.  Forgive, let go, release but also be grateful for all that has been accomplished over the last year and previous 9 years.  In doing this, we will transcend the need to repeat old patterns and habits again in 2017, we will be free to start a brand new cycle, because 2017 is a numerological year 1 - which is all about ourselves, so new growth, fresh awareness and a new conscious era can begin within us if we laid the ground work.  This starts another 9 year cycle of growth, creation and learning.
2017 then can be a year when we really focus on ourselves, not from any selfish viewpoint, but from unleashing our soul selves, stepping into who we really are, allowing our own unique light to shine.  2017 is filled with potential, with the chance to unite our will with divine will, to manifest all that we wish to see in our world, for ourselves and for the greater whole. You could say this year is the seed year, and we are the gardeners who can plant those seeds and tend them to fruition, through another 9 years of care and nurturing - from tiny acorns mighty oaks grow !    Being a 1 year, focused on the self, it is also a year when we must take care of ourselves,  get our health, diet, exercise and focus back on track. We cannot achieve in the physical if we dont look after our own physical selves. We need to be in prime condition in order to carry out and care for our seeds, plans, hopes and desires.  This is a year for breathroughts, leadership, forging ahead, there may technological discoveries, new thoughts emerging in science, spirituality and medicines.  Individuals will find themselves looking to leading a more spiritual and ethical based way of life. ) I am currently searching for a book 1 from a trilogy by Sandra Saidek, Daughter of the Goddess Lands, but here in uk i am having trouble sourcing a copy. I can buy one at a phenomenal price from the USA but i am concerned about air miles and pollution just to get a book - these are the ethic's more people will start to think about)
On the downside, a 1 year can be forceful, pushing, domineering, insensitive and a bit like a bull in a china shop.  How easy the ride is will be depends on just how well we did in releasing and letting go. The first few months therefore could still see more chaos - which is the ultimate cleanser. So what we havent dealt with, the universe will now throw up once again so we have to. There could be some more big political, corporate and global issues that will take us by surprise - i dont think Brexit and Trump were the only big surprises, there could be more to come in 2017, especially the first half.  Yet this year will empower the individual, the 'small man' (or woman) in the street.  Many will be pushed to make changes, start new ventures, businesses or even move completely to start a whole new life. For others it may be just be some minor changes in the home or within the self to make ourselves healthier and happier from the inside out.  Yet sometimes even the smallest change can trigger a sequence of events that eventually puts in place a much bigger event and changes.  Transition is a keyword i feel. There is 'newness' to be had on every level of our lives, if we are prepared to put some work into achieving it - it is possible.
With the focus on the self, we will all want to work to 'shine our light' , we will all want to be seen and heard this year so keep a watch on the ego, it may get a little bolshy from time to time in pioneerings its beliefs, just remember, everyone else is also focused on the self. Neither is wrong and maybe neither is right, but with work, we can all be where we are supposed to be for our own particular life cycles whilst still working together for the greater whole.  Opportunities will abound and we must not be afraid,  we cannot  hide our light anymore, for fear of what others might say or do.  It is time to embrace and share our skills, gifts and talents, learn new skills, share them and perhaps most importantly, believe in ourselves, in our dreams and our gifts.   This is a year to explore, hone our skills, connect with our soul selves and shine who we really are.  To lead ourselves out of the dross left over from 2016 and into the light of the new beginnings being offered to us. 2017 is like a doorway, a chance to step through the portals of transformation, where our old fears and limitations will have no place, if we try to take them with us they will disrupt our plans until we realise we must let them go, leave them firmly in the past, in 2016. 
I believe sound and subtle vibrational energies will help us all to make the transitions necessary, it is an ancient healing system practiced in Lemuria and Atlantis but lost for so many eons.  Now it is again emerging as a vital link in our healing progress. Medical breakthroughs are showing that concentrated sound vibrations, when focused at specific cells, can destroy and eliminate damaged or cancer ridden cells. It is early days , yet it is an awakening to the ancient systems once more. We can all aid our own progress through this time with drumming, chanting, repeating mantra's, making and listening to music. Music is said to be the universal language, and it truly is. The sound of the universe is the Ohm, scientists and astronauts tell us there are unique sounds to be heard even in the farthest areas of space as well as closer to home in the milky way. We are all vibrational beings, therefore sound impacts us.  It can make us cry, make us euphoric, stir memories, soothe us, and energize us. And it can heal us. With focused intention, sound can penetrate our physical form to bring about a state of balance, to loosen tight muscles, regulate body rhythms and bring about healing on all levels.
2017 is a year to take back control and responsibility for ourselves, to go out there and be the very best we can.  A year to shine our light and create just what we desire in our world.  
With much Love and Blessings for the coming year,    Avalon Whitefeather.  © 2016




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What a year 2016 is turning out to be, full on is an understatement.  The weather here in the UK has gone from scorching to dull and wet with floods in some areas in the space of 1 day and today is a bit like my mood - changeable.- The recent Full Moon Eclipse in my Moon sign of Pisces with Sun in my Star sign of Virgo - goodness, you have a lot to answer for, bringing up shadow issues, making us see what is and is not working for us - I know I'm not alone in riding a very stormy roller coaster right now, from messages I've received as well as seeing other peoples posts on social media, I know many are almost at breaking point, yet, there is also incredible opportunities presenting themselves if we are brave enough to grasp them.   With the Autumn equinox just days away as i write this,  a time when light and darkness stand in balance once more throughout the world, but the darkness is gaining, day by day, and we are moving towards winter, a time many people fear, often stuck indoors on their own, or suffering from the lack of light, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  A season of contrasts, dark damp days and bright crisp days when the sunlight plays on the shades of gold, red, bronze and yellow. Some days it seems so hard to find the light and the joy in life, yet other days, with the golden glow that pervades every view we glimpse, we cannot help but feel the joy as it seems to run riot everywhere.    The festival of Mabon, Herfest or Autumn Equinox, is a festival of both light and darkness,  joy and sorrow. It is a time of abundance when the bounty of Mother  Earth must be gathered in and safely stored against the bleak times ahead. It marks the completion of the 1st harvest which began as early as mid-June, especially with the summer we have had this year, with the wheat harvest and the celebration of Lammas and yet continues with the apple  and vegetable harvests now and finally at Samhain the nut harvests. And of course, whilst we are enjoying the fruits of Autumn, the balance is being held as the Southern hemisphere is anticipating Spring and Summer and the growing light. 

So, how do we find the joy in life when this year has thrown so much at us ?  When we have the approaching darkness and possibility of inclement weather.
Every thought we think, every word we speak, every choice we make and every decision we take in every minute of every day, is creating the environment in which we live. So we have to ask ourselves - "Are we creating Joy ?" 
Right now, we have the choice to fill our heart with beauty and joy or to spend it bemoaning what we feel is wrong, so easy to do when the planetary aspects and the year as a whole has thrown so much as so many of us.  Right now, we can let joy course through our mind, body and soul or we can sit in fear and anxiety, filled with worry or dread of what the winter will bring.   Right now, no matter what our circumstances, we can picture the most beautiful day, or rest of the year, that we have ever experienced and allow that emotion to take root within us or we can allow ourselves to constantly re-experience the past and all that caused us pain and upset. 
We are infinitely powerful, except we rarely believe this.  Our power knows no bounds. We not only have the power to create our world, we ARE creating it, consciously or unconsciously, right now, for good or for bad.   Whatever your world is, you are creating it, moment by moment, each and every one of us. And should our previous thoughts, words and deeds have created a world we do not wish to dwell in any longer, ever again,  then we CAN change our thoughts, change our words, bring only beauty and joy into our lives through conscious choice, and the world outside us will then begin to shift as well and become the a reflection of the beauty we are expressing, Just as Mother Earth is doing right now, with her abundance of hedgerow, field and garden produce She gifts to us, with Her glorious show of colour as the leaves turn into infinite shades of red and gold, showing us that even in death, there is infinite beauty.  The falling leaves are the nourishment for next years seeds that have already fallen and lie patiently waiting in the soil for their time to grow and shine and reminding us that even in our own dark times, we are in fact seeding new beginnings, even if we cannot see them yet.
Think what gives you Joy, speak about it, do it, live it, be it and most importantly - SHARE IT.    When we share our Joys rather than always focusing on our woes , then Joy cannot help but spread and come back around to us. Whilst in these troubled times it is good to share what ails us, to get things off our chest, we must not forget to also share what makes us happy also.  If you are having a bad moment, a bad day or even a bad year - do your ranting and raving, get it out of your system, then smudge and cleanse the space and immediately set about doing something you enjoy rather than let yourself dwell of the release of negative energy. Release is a major lesson this time of year offers us, for in release of the old, the outmoded and the negative, we make space for new seeds, new ideas to  grow and reach for the light.  There is always a way to find Joy, even in our darkest moments.
Enjoy this 'Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness'  as Keats so eloquently put, knowing that although the darkness is coming, there are hidden gifts and treasures within - after all there is Samhain?Halloween to celebrate and then Yule/Christmas.........................................




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  I recently held a drum making workshop and was chatting with the participants on the sacredness of the drum and i was asked  "What are the origins of Sound Healing ?" - well now, that's a million dollar question and one I cannot answer with any certainty. Its origins are as obscure as there are varied tribal practices. Some evidence of sound, the drum especially, had use dating back to some of the earliest known civilizations, the Phoenicians, Babylonians, Sumerians, Mesopotamia, Iranian, Persian, Egyptian, possibly older even than this, has recently been found. And much channelled works in recent years show that Atlantis used sound healing techniques also. Wherever and however it originated, there is little doubt that sound therapy is an ancient technique and evidence of its use cab be found in both Asia and Africa, where some of the world's oldest civilizations reside as well as amongst today’s tribal peoples, including Native Americans, Maori, Hawaiian and modern Africa cultures.
Tribal societies, with their shamanic traditions, use sound to communicate with the spirit world, as well as a tool for social integration and to restore harmony. According to West-African wisdom teachings, emotional disturbance manifests as an irregular rhythm that blocks the vital physical energy flow. As regular, even rhythms are regarded as a sign of health, the rhythms of the Drum and other percussion or wind instruments,  can heal the person by touching him or her in an immediate and powerful way, removing blockages and releasing tension. Thus sound, and drumming especially, serves as preventive remedies, helping people to become more aware and balanced. 

According to Layne Redmond, author of When Drummers Were Women, "The frame drum have been used for thousands of years in the act of worship in the Mediterranean world. Ancient sources say that the frame drum was not just a powerful symbol of spiritual presence, it was an important tool for many spiritual experiences."

Each tribal culture would have had their own techniques and types of drums dependant on their lifestyles and environments. Much of today’s drum and sound therapies are based upon Siberian and Native American uses of the drum and other instruments such as the rattle, Tibetan singing bowls, bells and some string instruments, such as the sistrum, a cross between a rattle and a harp. So the most popular drum used for healing today is the hand held, round drum used with a rhythm stick or beater, usually called a frame drum, or hoop drum. The frame drum is the world's oldest known drum and for thousands of years it was the primary trance inducing technology for religious, healing and ecstatic rituals. Along with the rattle it is the oldest instrumental means for altering consciousness for spiritual purposes. When played with hand and finger techniques, the frame drum has a long, clear, ringing tone with many audible harmonics. These overtones create a chord of magickal and alluring sounds with every stroke. Frame drums range in size from the 4-inch south Indian kanjira, to the 22-inch Celtic bodhran and up to the 30-inch Brazilian panderao. It is still one of the primary percussion instruments throughout the Native America's, the Middle East and other parts of Asia.
While it may be true that sound therapy has been around for thousands of years, it is also true that in the 20th and 21st centuries, science has been used in an attempt to verify the therapeutic effects of vibrational energy therapy and its rhythm techniques. Much to the delight of drummers everywhere, studies indeed show that drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system, produces feelings of wellbeing and even has a calming effect on people suffering from Autism, Alzheimer's and various traumatic, mental or emotional health experiences.  During the Vietnam war, doctors noticed that Native American soldiers made faster recoveries from their trauma’s than did their Caucasian comrades. Their treatments were the same, the only difference was the fact that when their families visited, they brought along their drums and would play and chant for sometime during their visits. After carrying out tests it was deemed that it was the therapeutic sound of the drums that were aiding the healing of the Native American Soldiers. 

Tribal sacred drum of North American Indians of every tribe is never "played" or struck with the hand. Drum is spoken to with a "striker". Many of these drum strikers have gone through sacred birthing are themselves specific and separate tribal sacred objects that are part of a bundle. It is not polite to touch tribal drums if you see one. Learning to understand when you might be in the presence of a sacred spiritual object is something many American Indians learn growing up, at an early age.  Shamanic and Medicine peoples use the drum to carry them to other lands, other realms of existence, for healing, banishings and cleansings. And of course, for sheer enjoyment.   Sacred Tribal drums come with songs already in its heart, it is used with songs, and is kept alive and nourished by songs. Once a sacred drum has been birthed it becomes an instrument of communication from the mystery life, with the Earth Mother, from the Earth Mother, to Her people.   The most sacred and important of all Native American drums is the Water Drum. It is the rarest and most protected of the tribal drums. There are two forms of water Drum. One is made with metal pots and usually called "kettle drums". The other and more sacred form of Water Drum is made with sacred wood and is used today only by a handful of tribal sacred rituals. The metal water drum, which can be purchased on the open market, is most often used by the Native
Once drum has been made sacred with blessings and ceremony, it then lives with its maker or keeper , that Keeper has the right and the responsibility to respect and use their own instructions and personal vision about how to proceed. While there are "traditions" within the world of drums, there is also a freedom of the people who are there at that time. This means that it is not possible to say everything about every drum. It is only possible to say something about some drums. If you listen to drum you will hear many things, each person listening may hear different things, because a drum speaks to your heart.   Step by step each idea that you hear from the drum will build your understanding into something tangible and powerful. Knowledge is a process, that grows. .

The natural Earth wisdom and connection that our tribal forbears had has been lost in the rush to civilise ourselves, in so doing, we have lost the sacredness in ALL LIFE that these people would have understood.
The first sound you ever hear is a drum - your mothers heartbeat,  and it is for this reason that some nations make water drums - drums filled with water to mimic the sound of the mothers heartbeat through the foetal waters.  The Iroquois Indians make a Water Drum that replocates this soul, a powerful rebirthing tool.
The beauty of a drum is that you do not have to be musical to play it or be moved by its sound. The stress filled world we live in can be soothed by the rhythmic sound of tribal drumming, and scientists and doctors working with veterans from the Vietnam war found that drumming daily or being exposed to the sound of drumming, soothes the beta and theta brainwaves in traumatised individuals.  Used in our own lives it can help soothe away everyday stresses and strains.

The nature of the drum is unique and individual, just as you are, no two drums will be the same, even though to an untrained eye they may appear so.  The natural skin of the deer is thicker in some areas that others, albeit minutely, but this will alter the sound in given areas.  Working with your drum you will come to know these subtle changes and work with them. 
For Native Americans, drums used for healing and spiritual work are NEVER placed on the floor, or struck with the hand.  They are considered too sacred to be placed where we humans walk or touched in a way that is irreverent.  If you have no choice but to place it on the floor at some point in time, use a blanket on the ground first.  

As for the first drums ?  most likely a hand upon a fallen log !   Avalon Whitefeather and SunEagle hold drum birthing workshops for those called to birth their own, or you can commision us to make one for you. 


Avalon's latest blog.


During the recent Earth Hour 19/3/2016 , we sat with only candle light and a hearth fire to observe the now growing yearly action to show our concern for the environment. Around the world many big businesses as well as private homes sign up and pledge to turn off all lights during the 1 hour period to show their support and concern for the Earth Hour project, this year 178 countries took part and money is also raised to help sustainable courses through various activities etc.,.  Check out their website ''  if you haven’t already.  During my candle vigil i felt the presence of many energies around me and messages came through which i felt called to share. .....
2016, Year of endings yet profound healing to prepare us for our true paths.  Issues from childhood, ancestral karma, past lives, will surface for healing for healing,  deep and profound healing that not only impacts the individual, but the greater whole, global consciousness.
This is not and will not be easy, birthing pains are never easy, but the end results is always beautiful.  This is a year of opportunities,  but they cannot be fully grasped until the past is healed.  Like a festering wound, it must remain open in order to release the deep seated toxins,  covering with sticky plasters can no longer heal us, these are temporary solutions, covering  up rather than dealing with, they do not heal the core issues. It is time to open and leave open the wounds of the past, allow them to weep, to bleed, to cleanse themselves, to slowly heal from the inside out.  Fast fixes will no longer hold.
Connect with your guides, your intuition,  trust what you receive, however random it may seem.   The energies and intense,  what we remain caught within,  the  spiders web,  is what we have woven ourselves. This time offers us the opportunity to see the shadows and webs we cast and to own them so we can step into our own light.  
Using vibrational energy, sound, music, colour and  light will help us to break down the barriers and darkness so many still carry within them. Vibrational energy will heal and harmonize imbalance.  This year is like a bubbling cauldron, the process within is alchemical, churning around, over and over, chaotic, uncontrollable, and so often overwhelming.   We are being shaped and reshaped, each new level of karmic wound that surfaces is clearing and cleansing us, preparing us to become receptive vessels so we can each work within and for our highest good.  As each undergoes these processes, and there will be many, our own vibrational energy rises and in so doing,  sparks change within others, within the global consciousness.
Be aware what is happening within your life, is not only healing yourself,  but facilitating the healing of others also.  Many will leave your life, step away, but this is to leave space for those that will enter, those of a similar or complimentary vibration, thus enabling you both to heal.
Just as the Earth is reaching Spring and rebirth, so is humanity, equally the Earth is also reaching the Autumn, death and endings. The Earth keeps balance and so must each individual,  the male/female within, the light and shadow, the wounds and healing, deep feelings and emotions with our outward expression.
This is a chance to seed our futures,  leave the past to die,  to pave the way for better tomorrows.  Keep in mind that birth is preceded by labour. This is our time to work, to labour towards that which will bring a brighter future for all.  Labour is painful, but the rewards are always beautiful.


Greetings Everyone and may I wish all the readers of Anne's beautiful blog pages a very Happy and Healthy 2016.

 And what a year -  it has been a challenge for many of us yet somewhere in the mix we also experienced wonderful things. So many of us have suffered disappointment, stress and have certainly had our fair share of challenging circumstances, I know I have and as I write this I am wondering, where, at times, I gathered my strength from.  Sadly we also witnessed further deterioration in the way humanity tolerates our differences, with an escalation of war and terrorism, the worst in humanity seemed to surface as we were all faced with negativity of some kind and on some level. All too easy to point fingers and lay blame, no one ready to step up and take responsibility, whether for themselves or on a more global level.  2015 was certainly a year forcing many of us to face our own inner demons as well as those of the world at large,  as we became desperate to reclaim our own power and move into higher vibrations as the world around us crumbled into  lower vibrations.

So what will 2016 bring for us ?  Well that really depends on ourselves. Yes certain energies will filtrate the ethers, planetary movements and solar flares,  yet how we interact with them will determine certain things but we all have personal choice and how we choose to keep ourselves in a place of inner  harmony and peace will decide much. It is time for each us to find a way to 're-connect' with Source, by whatever name we assign it, for no matter what name we choose to call our path., religion or faith, connection and communion with that source, is what will  bring us the inner peace we seek, and not via someone else, we must connect on a persona level.
2016 is a 9 year in numerology which denotes closures which set in motion the new. Perhaps instead of repeating history, we can use this 9 year to bring about the end to the old ways of acting, reacting and retaliating, instead offering us the opportunity to heal our world through compassion, forgiveness and humanitarian pursuits that benefit the whole of humanity. 
When our world is gripped in the darkness that seemed to envelope the final months of 2015, then it can become all too easy to slip down the slope of fear based reactions, yet this is exactly the time when we need to stand by our conviction and sound the clarion call for us to all unite in bringing peace to our world.  We can each work quietly in our own way to end death, war and destruction that our world is experiencing, for with endings comes space for new beginnings, for forgiveness.
This is due to be a very karmic year, which of course can be a good thing or a bad thing, so for most of us there will be some kind of ending taking place, perhaps a relationship, a cycle of learning, career, health issue etc.,.  This gives us the opportunity to to revisit something unfinished and thereby bring about its closure.  This could be a relationship that went sour but can now be rekindled on a more balanced footing, perhaps a project or idea that was started but abandoned, almost like being given a second chance at something.    9 is often seen as the humanitarian number, so many will be looking to find or deepen their path of service, what we can offer to others and for the greater whole whilst enhancing our own spiritual path and commitment.  So this is quite a pivotal year for us all, rather than seeing endings as something final, we should strive to see the deeper wisdom help within them, for what we choose to leave behind and/or take with us, is what will determine the future we create.
In Chinese astrology this is a Red Fire Monkey year coming up in February, although it is the 9th character in the symbolism is bares little resembled to the numerology  of 9.   Monkey is the mischief maker, fun and ambitious, smart with a love of adventure. The Fire aspect brings determination, creativity and a call to action, a year when anything could happen and probably will.   Watch out for deceptions, Monkey can talk fast and cheap !!  Heaven help us if too many of the worlds politicians have the sign of Monkey ! 
So remember, what you choose will determine your future, lets work together to make this a peaceful, compassionate, loving and beneficial world for us all.



Avalon's blog for December

As I write this there is just a few hours of November, the month of the Ancestors,  left before the wheel turns and the Yule energies begin to draw us in.  As a Pagan household, our festivities begin with the Yule altar on December 1st, This is a deep window in our main living room which changes with the seasons,

Then gradually more items are added to the home, with the tree going up around the 5/6th December followed by a remaking of the static altar, usually very shamanic, but now incorporating a woodland feel to match the tree.

It seems the true meaning of this time of year has been lost, whether you follow a Pagan Winter Solstice, a Christian Navtivity, Hindu festival of Lord Ganesha, Jewish Hanukkah, Chinese Dongzhi, African American Kwanzaa, Iranian Sada or any other of themyriad of winter festivals celebrating the return of the light in one way or another. The essence of these all relate in some aspect to coming through the dark days of winter and the hope of new life.
Recent global events have drawn us further away from these intrinsic beliefs  as the world lives in fear, distrust and hatred. Yet if we step away from our TV screens for just a few moments, take a good look around our world, breathe in nature, we realize there is still so much good in our world and we can choose whether we live in gear or live in Love. 
We are all beautiful beings, yet our current society of hatred and war, the festive rush to buy, buy, buy,  he pressures to acquire and have more than the next person,  the rapidly diminishing resources of our Sacred Mother Earth, the  divide between rich and poor as governments continue to hit the elderly, the disabled and those struggling to raise families.  It is all taking it toll on us and masking the beautiful spirit souls we really are.   Our ego's become caught in the pattern of believing we do not have enough, are not strong enough, pretty enough, intelligent enough, creative enough -  we will in fear of lack. 
In this life, and perhaps especially at this time of year, when first bombarded by black Friday and cyber Monday urging us to buy buy buy for the festive season, buying things we do not want or need.   It can be so very easy to become distracted, we can become complacent, removed almost and then lose sight of what we have, who we are and then our hopes and dreams become clouded. The reason for the season, which should  be our reason for our whole lives, is being lost and eroded. Instead, the season has become a harried journey of trying to please everyone, spreading ourselves too thinly, to incorporate and please our families and friends, then we become confused as to who we are and where we are heading. This simply is not how we are supposed to live, for to do this, is not living our life our way. We lose ourselves and then we often flounder.
To think outside of the box, so to speak, can also be very daunting as well, to go against traditions, the accepted way of doing things, yet to live like this, is is destroying the very things we are wish for.
We seem to have lost our ability for personal focus, of drawing ones energies inwards to heal, still ourselves and refocus,  and of course what this very season on the great wheel of life is truly asking us to do.   We live so out of sync with the natural world that just when we should be slowing down, receding inside ourselves, we are running around frantically trying to snatch the last bargain and squeeze yet one more thing in the fridge so we can over eat, drink and be merry. Yet are we truly merry ?
Our focus is scattered and trying to manage a million things at once when really the focus should be of letting go of all that is superfluous, unnecessary and a burden to us.
Being mindful to stay in the present moment and not on tomorrows to do list, next weeks party or whether someone will like their present , is the key to surviving this festive event. Focus means keeping your attention on the one task you are doing at that time, not looking back to what you might have done differently or forward to how you want something to work out - after all, fate will play its hand and the future will be what it will when it becomes the now. The now is then the only thing that is important, how we operate in the now sums up what the future will be, so nothing is more important than this present moment, and a moment is gone in a flash, never to be retrieved.
The season is telling us to take a step back, to breathe, to still ourselves so we can see clearly and refocus, regroup ourselves so we can tackle what is in front of us and move forward in a strong and positive manner filled with Love.   When we are still and calm, focused only on the present moment and not on the hurts of the past or the perceived expectations of the future and others behaviours, only then can we move forward in a desirable manner. We owe it to ourselves, to those around us, to the world, the greater whole, to remain focused on what the true essence of this season is - LOVE. 
Don't let the media brainwash  you, frighten you, cajole you into buying, doing and behaving in a way that feels unnatural to you. 
Be brave in these troubled times,  celebrate the season in whatever way pleases you, take time out for you this season and Shine your Love and Light for all to see.



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