Saturday, November 25, 2017


We are now close to Christmas and along with it comes the hope and wishes for good things.
We all want peace in the world, peace for all those who share this planet including peace for the animals of the world.

Nature has brought us her beauty. She has changed with each season and has offered to us not only a chance to witness her changing beauty but she has provided us with food, water and shelter.

Yet there are still many who do not have adequate food, clean water or safe shelter.
People go hungry and people go homeless and animals continue to suffer.

Let Christmas bring with it not only wishes for good things for us all but wishes that the transition we are going through brings with it equality and peace for all who share this planet.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

'Questions and answers'

Artist Hawk Alfredson asks..

'Do you believe in free will, if so, what made you come to this conclusion?'
Anne Answered...
I believe we all have free will and that it is a natural very basic birthright but it has been eroded.
The education system controls us from a very early age and our natural free will becomes restricted.
We can witness this change in children.
The link to nature and the natural world, the root of free will, is further restricted as society dictates to us what is acceptable and what is 'real'.
This false reality, this 'illusion' becomes the norm for many and as a result natural free will does not get used.
On a positive note...things can change!
Hawk, thanks for your question.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

'Questions and Answers'

A question from photographer Mia Hanson..
'Who is your favourite author?'

Anne answers...'That is a difficult one. I read little these days because I find myself proof reading books instead of simply reading them! 
However, my favourite author is from the past, it is HG Wells.
HG Wells had such a wonderful imagination, it was believable and thought provoking. His story 'War of the Worlds' is a fine example.
This work explores human nature and the possible nature and existence of an alien consciousness.
A few years ago my husband and I witnessed a strange vehicle in the night sky. It was like nothing we had seen before, it was large, very slow moving and its light was shining brightly at the back of the vehicle. We were both convinced that this was a UFO. It was something we will never forget!
Since that experience I believe firmly in the existence of UFO's and life on other planets.
I have wondered if this life is more advanced than we are, its method of travel seems so.
Maybe HG Wells had seen something in the night sky that had provoked him to write 'War of the Worlds'.
Who knows?
Thanks Mia for your question.