Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Telepathy a latent skill.

  By thought we can all communicate.
We can pass and receive words and images
and we can transmit feelings to each other.

  Telepathy exists not only between humans,
it exists between animals, between animals and
humans, and within the whole realm of nature
and spirit.

  It is a universal method of communication and
one we can all access and share.

  As we begin to change, we are developing
greater sensitivity. We are discovering and
relearning latent skills, skills that have been
dormant, almost forgotten and devalued.

  Shifting values are bringing to the surface the
skills that have fallen from use. As we move into
a new way of being, we are discovering what is
actually inside us and we are re-discovering the
skills we will need for our journey into the future.

Telepathy is one of these skills.

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