Thursday, November 22, 2012


Our lives are filled with destinations, points in time carrying us onwards to the next point in time. We arrive only to depart. Our days are punctuated with destinations.
Appointments, meals, shopping, TV, the computer, plus a variety of other events, keep us on the constantly moving track. We look ahead and we travel onwards.
In the small space where we are at this very moment, it is possible to leave the moving track and to stand to one side. Not to face ahead but to face what exists in the present moment. Here in this space, something happens…
Freed from our constant movement and freed from the always pending arrival of another destination, we are able to stand still.
The stillness of the present moment has no arrival and no departure, it is the here and now and we are all connected to it and by it. It is the special space where we can experience the clarity of our own inner sight and we can share together the magical transformation that is taking place on this planet and within ourselves.

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