Friday, January 26, 2018

A New Start

A New Start

The clock has moved around and here we are at the start of a new cycle.
It is at this point that we can all make a change and make that change
work well.
Food production is vital to us all and it is something we can actively
participate in.
Many people realise the importance of growing their own food. Fresh
food from the earth brings not only independence but it allows us to
consume healthy food with its life force intact.
This food hasn't traveled miles to reach us, losing its life force on the
way, it is fresh and whole from the earth.
We can safeguard the purity and safety of our food, allowing it to aid the
health of our body.
It can be grown without chemicals, respecting not only our body but also
the ground in which it grows.
This knowledge can be passed down to the children. Children can learn
to grow food from an early age and they can learn what, where and
when to plant, this learning can be fun as well as very tasty!

The new start to this year brings with it an opportunity to work
with nature, allowing her to show us how to live as one with her
and to recognise that we are not 'bystanders' but a living part
of nature. 

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