Tuesday, March 14, 2017

'Questions and Answers'

Marigold Fairweather Artist/Art Therapist


Marigold asked Anne....
'Anne, what would you do if it's too late to save the planet?'

Anne answered.... 
'Hi Marigold. The ancients spoke about all planets being woven into
the cosmic web and I also believe this to be true.
How can the planet need 'saving' or possibly end if it is a part of the living cosmic web?
...it can change though!
The vibrations that keep the planet alive can alter their frequency and many say this has
already begun.
Nature, the soul of the planet, constantly changes and evolves. We are not just a
part of nature, we ARE nature, just as nature changes and evolves, so do we.
It might not be possible to save the 'old' planet but we can all help forge the 'new'.
Instead of looking back to what might have been we can look ahead and help
co-create a productive, harmonious, healthy and sustainable planet.
Thanks for your question Marigold.'

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