Thursday, January 10, 2013

The World I Would Like To Know...

The world I would like to know is the one I can see clearly in my mind.
It is a new world, a new reality. It is pure, simple, uncomplicated and is without hierarchy, dogma and religion.
It is a place where love has taken the place of fear.
Greed does not exist, rewards come from simplicity. People share, no-one goes in need and nothing is wasted.
It is a world where nature has reclaimed her rightful place and her sensitive balance has been restored.
People are self-reliant, they produce their own food and in the process they add to the land, they nourish it in return for nourishment.
The fertile earth shares her fertility and she shares her wisdom.
In this world, man listens to the wisdom of nature and recognises that this is also the true nature of himself.
The creative side of man emerges fully and becomes a clear channel for the universal creative mind.
People express their individuaity as creative beings.
Expanded awareness and an increased sensitivity become the norm.
This world survives.

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